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Common Causes of Foundation Wall Cracks

Seeing a crack in your foundation is one of the most unpleasant and frightening sights that you will ever see. Regardless of the size of the crack in your foundation, it screams money. When you see a crack in your foundation, it means that it’s time to call a professional contractor pronto! Before you call, you might want to learn more about these cracks so that you will know what kind of questions you should ask. read more

What does a Vertical Wall Crack Mean & What Should You do about it?

There’s nothing like moving into a brand new home only to see a vertical crack appear in the wall a few months later, except perhaps seeing a large vertical crack appear in the house you’ve already been living in for years! Some folks panic upon seeing a sudden striation in the wall, and with good reason. It means that there is a problem, one that you shouldn’t try to fix yourself lest it become an even bigger problem. read more

Foundation Crack Repair for Your Kansas City Home

Several times a year, you should conduct a short survey of your Kansas City home to make sure that there are no issues which may need foundation crack repair or other types of basement waterproofing or drainage solutions. When you…