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Having a strong foundation is crucial for your home’s stability. It transfers the load of your home to the soil under it to help prevent settling. If shifting water and soil causes your foundation to fail, you know repairs are needed. Restoring the support your foundation provides for your home is an urgent need, and our team at Olson Foundation Repair can help.

Unfortunately, not all signs of foundation damage or issues are as clear. If you are worried your foundation isn’t as strong as it once was, contact us for a full inspection.

Common Causes of Foundation Damage

Some of the most common causes of foundation repair we deal with include:

  • Wet basement
  • Foundation cracks
  • Wet crawl space
  • Water seepage
  • Foundation crumbling

Keep in mind that our team can offer custom repairs and solutions based on the needs of your home or property.

Common Reasons Cracks Form in Your Foundation

Cracks in your home’s foundation may occur because the dirt under your house shifts gradually, and as time passes, this movement can cause cracks. In other situations, moisture may cause cracks to get worse, and water will seep through the cracks.

Changes in the climate allow the soil around the house to contract and expand as the temperatures fluctuate. Prolonged dry spells, heat from the summer months, and a lack of moisture can cause the foundation concrete to reflex and stress. This could eventually contribute to cracks in the foundation. There is good news that you can usually find a fast and effective remedy for these cracks with straightforward repairs from our team. Keep in mind that you cannot put off calling for repairs, as this may result in the cracks becoming worse and even more to repair.

Common Signs of Foundation Damage

Along with the symptoms mentioned above of foundation cracks, some other signs of a problem with your foundation include:

  • Damaged concrete steps at the back or front of your home
  • Cracking brick veneers
  • Musty odors outside and inside of the home
  • Moisture-filled or leaky basements
  • Buckling or bowing walls
  • Leaning or collapsing chimneys

If you have noticed any of these foundation issues with your home, do not ignore them. Get in touch with our team of professionals right away before the small cracks become a massive headache for you and your entire family. If there is any compromise to your home’s structural integrity, it could lead to hazardous living conditions.

Our Team Can Help with Any Foundation Repairs

Our team of experienced and professional foundation repair contractors will carefully evaluate your home’s foundation. The first step is to assess the extent of the damage, and we will then figure out what repair will be most effective or necessary.

The cost of the foundation repair services you need depends on the size of the damage or crack that your foundation may have. After we have assessed the damage, our foundation repair team will provide you with a plan for making the needed repairs.


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