Parkville MO Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing

#1 Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Parkville, MO

Parkville Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing

Parkville Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing

Parkville is a gorgeous part of the KC region, full of old homes and new construction, and the homeowners and residents are dedicated to maintaining the appearance and condition of their homes. These homes aren’t just a place to live, they represent a considerable investment in a beautiful community. 

To keep the foundation of that investment in optimal condition, homeowners should partner with an experienced, local company that is familiar with the challenges of Parkville, like Olson Foundation Repair. We’re going to take a look at the most common repairs foundations need, as well as the most common signs that the foundation or waterproofing is failing, and what you should do about it.

Parkville Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing

When homes in Parkville need foundation repair or basement waterproofing, it’s important to work with a company that’s familiar with the local challenges. Olson Foundation is one of the most highly-trusted foundation repair companies in the Parkville area and has been servicing residents in the region for nearly 40 years. We have an extensive list of geotechnical specialties, including foundation support, piering, grades, retaining walls, and more. Our professionalism, safety, and commitment to results mean we’ll always give a result that exceeds your expectations. 

Foundation Piering & Repair near Parkville

The high clay content of Parkville soils, which contracts and expands considerably with our wet and dry cycles, leads Parkville foundations to be more prone to shifting or sinking than other regions. This is one of the biggest reasons that homeowners who need foundation repair should contact a local company that has extensive experience providing individualized foundation solutions. Olson Foundation can offer a variety of repair solutions to keep your foundation solid and level, including:

Foundation Piering

For foundations that have started to sink, piering can be installed to help support and even raise the foundation again. This piering is driven down to the bedrock to provide long-term support.

Drain & Sump Pump Installation

Excess water needs to be moved away from the home, and the most effective way to do that in many cases, is to install drains that reroute the water around the home or a sump pump that pumps it to a less problematic location.

Gap Filling & Crack Sealing

Foundation shifting or sinking can create cracks in the concrete, and cracks let water into the basement. Filling those gaps and sealing the cracks can help ensure that small problems don’t grow.

Signs That Your Foundation Needs Repairs

  1. One of the signs that your foundation has shifted is if you can see a gap between your porch and your home. This separation means one of the two is moving.
  2. Another sign that you might need some support is the appearance of cracks in the basement walls. These cracks can be hairline cracks or larger gaps, but they need to be professionally addressed.
  3. Seeing cracks in the building materials in the home is another good indication that the foundation is no longer level.

Parkville Basement Waterproofing

The periods of significant dryness that Parkville experiences, coupled with the unavoidable torrent of rain that eventually rolls through, means that Parkville homes have a unique and essential need for top-tier basement waterproofing solutions. High-quality waterproofing can ensure that even the smallest leaks aren’t able to begin damaging the foundation. Here are some signs that your basement waterproofing may have failed, or is in the process of failing.

Signs That Your Basement Waterproofing Is Failing

  1. Damp basement walls can be a sign that your waterproofing has failed. It indicates humid air is entering the home and then condensing on the cooler concrete walls. 
  2. If you have noticed mineral deposits on your basement walls, it could be a sign of very slow leaks that evaporate quickly, leaving behind a mineral scale known as efflorescence.
  3. Standing water is one of the most obvious, and most serious signs of failed basement waterproofing. Standing water can contribute to the development of dangerous molds, which can cause serious health issues for the home’s inhabitants.

Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Parkville

While it might seem like common sense that the foundation of a home needs to be periodically inspected and occasionally repaired, it might also surprise you that there is a growing trend among homeowners to only concern themselves with the health of the foundation when preparing to either buy or sell a home. This not only keeps the homeowner in the dark about the condition of their foundation but also provides a long period for minor issues to become relatively serious. 

If it’s been a few years since your last foundation inspection, or if you haven’t had it looked at since you bought it, there’s no better time than now. This is particularly true if you have started to see any of the signs that we covered here. Reach out to Olson Foundation Repair today for more information, or to get started scheduling your inspection.