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In some situations, the right drainage solutions offer a practical and effective method for foundation repair. Sometimes, an inexperienced contractor or inspector will miss this seemingly easy solution and, instead, recommend installing concrete piers or dozens of steel piers.

Poor drainage can result in the need for house leveling and foundation repair services, which is why we recommend investing in the proper drainage solutions.

Not all soil is suited to support a foundation. Because of the often-hot summers in our area and uneven watering, the soil may dry out and shrink. If the soil gets wet again, it will expand. This move from dry to wet can be between six and 10 inches.

The moisture content around your home’s foundation can be impacted by neighbors watering their lawn, uneven watering, the sun, and hillside run-off. Usually, the southwest portion of your home gets the hottest sun in the afternoon, which bakes the water out of the soil. If drainage isn’t adequate, water may pool or accumulate, resulting in the soil swelling.

If moisture collects beneath a beam house, pier, or concrete slab, the soil will swell. This can lead to the upheaval of the foundation. Because of improper drainage, the soil beneath the foundation can’t maintain a constant moisture level, which can cause uneven stress on the concrete slab, causing it to crack and bend. As the slab bends, the damage will occur to the tile flooring, sheetrock, and masonry even before it breaks.

If you notice cracks in these items, they are a sign of foundation issues that need to be repaired to help minimize the need and extent of foundation repairs.

When you call us, we will provide a comprehensive on-site evaluation that will include several recommendations for correcting the drainage issue that you can implement at very little or no cost.

Practical Options for Repairing Drainage Problems

Some of the drainage solutions we offer for foundation repair include:

  • Swales
  • French drains
  • Proper slope of soil away from the house
  • Surface drains
  • AC water or gutter water run-off control

Some of the repairs we offer include grading to create the proper slope moving away from the foundation of your home, adding French drains or surface drains. The French drains will collect and drain away any subsurface water. This is often the cause of problems because it causes soil in the initial three to five feet of depth to expand, exerting excessive pressure on the foundation.

The French drain often includes a surface drain and the buried perforated pipe that will collect the sub-surface water. The excess water will flow off through the drainpipe, or it will accumulate in a reservoir and then removed by your sump pump. We can provide superior drainage solutions in the Kansas City Metro area.

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If you need more information about drainage solutions to help prevent or repair foundation damage, call us. Our team can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation to determine the best solution for your needs.


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