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Shifting soil and poor drainage near the exterior of your home can cause the foundation walls to lean inward. When the soil around and under your foundation gets wet, it can put pressure on the foundation walls, which causes them to start bowing inward. At Olson Foundation Repair, we offer wall bracing services that will fix the issue. When wall bracing is applied correctly, your foundation can continue serving its primary purpose – providing support for your home. We use steel I-beam structural restraints installed based on engineering specifications. Our team will anchor the braces into your concrete floor and attach them to the floor joists using steel bolts and brackets, or a solid source of bridging, which will halt the inward wall movement – right in its tracks.

The wall bracing process may seem involved and complicated. Still, thanks to the years of training and hands-on experience our professional team has, we can have the work completed quickly, ensuring you get the desired results. With our services, you can feel confident the structural integrity of your home’s walls and foundation will be restored quickly.

Learn more about our wall bracing services and why we are considered a premier provider in the Kansas City Metro area.

Straightening and Filling Wall Cracks

Our team will lift and support your home correctly to relieve all pressure being exerted on the walls to provide effective wall bracing. At this point, the wall will be excavated and straightened. The wall’s exterior will then be cleaned, and all cracks filled. Once set, the wall is waterproofed. If needed, we can install interior vertical wall restraints, which will help return the foundation and wall to the original structural integrity.

Advantages of Choosing Us for Your Wall Bracing Needs

There are several reasons you should call us for wall bracing services. These reasons include:

  • Ability to reestablish property value
  • Ability to set up throughout the year
  • Ensures your walls will never bow or tilt any further
  • Most jobs can be done within a few weeks
  • Longer life span using zinc-coated steel that is resistant to rust
  • No additional excavation is necessary
  • No disturbance to your yard, landscaping, or home

Our team takes pride in making sure that your foundation and wall-related issues are fully repaired.

Contact Our Team to Learn More

When you contact us for wall bracing services, we will send one of our foundation repair specialists to your home to thoroughly inspect the walls in your home. We will determine the underlying issue to ensure that the right repairs are made. At this point, our team will be able to provide recommendations regarding the right repairs and services to restore your home’s foundation to stable and secure footing.

Besides wall bracing services, our team offers an array of other foundation repair solutions and ensures that your home’s stability is protected or restored. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, which means you can rest easy knowing your foundation work is backed up by a company who stands by our work.


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We combine creativity and flexibility with value engineering to save our clients save both time and money by using our services.


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