Roeland Park KS Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing

#1 Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Roeland Park, KS

Roeland Park Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing

Roeland Park Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing

When listing places in the KC area with beautiful homes, Roeland Park simply can’t be ignored. The residents of our area have a deep commitment not only to keeping their homes beautiful but to keeping them in good repair so they can grow in value as treasured investments. To keep these homes looking and functioning their best, however, starts with a healthy foundation.

A home’s foundation is the biggest barrier between the home, and not only the elements, but the shifting landscape and subsoil elements as well. It’s a crucial component needed to support the structure in general, as well as keep it square and level. Keeping a Roeland Park foundation healthy requires expertise, due to our area’s unique challenges, and Olson Foundation Repair can provide that excellence. Let’s look at some of the most common repair solutions, as well as signs that your foundation needs repair or that your basement waterproofing is failing. 

Roeland Park Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing

Nobody understands how important your home is to you and your family, which is why we’ve become Roeland Park’s leading geotechnical company. Our attention to quality, safety, and professionalism has allowed us to continue providing top-tier foundation solutions that consistently exceed expectations. With nearly 40 years of satisfied customers behind us, it’s hard to find someone more uniquely qualified to handle your home’s needs.

Foundation Piering & Repair near Roeland Park

Roeland Park foundations can face some unique challenges due to the region’s clay content. During wet periods, this clay expands considerably, but in periods of intense dryness, it shrinks and creates large voids into which foundations can begin to settle. Working with a trusted foundation repair company that has experience with these challenges is vital to a long-term solution. Here are some of the services that Olson Foundation has been providing to Roeland Park residents:

Filling Gaps & Cracks

The smallest cracks can lead to thousands in damages if left unchecked for too long. By filling large gaps and sealing small cracks against water infiltration, homeowners can enjoy a much drier basement.

Installing Drains & Pumps

In some cases, rerouting large quantities of water, then pumping it to a less problematic location is the best option. We can install interior and exterior drains, as well as sump pits and pumps. 

Piering & Foundation Support

Many foundations need additional support in the shifting clay, and by driving solid piers down to the bedrock we can provide that support. In some cases, the piers can be used to raise the foundation as well, helping to reverse some of the damage. 

Signs That Your Foundation Needs Repairs

  1. One sign can be seen right in your living space, where building materials such as plaster and drywall may begin to crack or create gaps. Wall bowing or separation is an advanced form of this.
  2. If your foundation is moving, it will often separate from your porch, steps, patio, etc. Look for gaps to confirm this.
  3. Sinking foundations will often fracture, so look for cracks in your basement walls of any size or severity.

Roeland Park Basement Waterproofing

A crucial component of keeping a foundation healthy in Roeland Park is ensuring that the basement waterproofing solution is functioning and effective. With the often incredible amounts of rain that we can see at one time, area foundations face unique challenges keeping back the forces of saturated soil. Here are some of the ways that you can tell that water is getting into your basement. 

Signs Your Basement Waterproofing Needs Repair

  1. Any humid air that enters the home will be drawn to a cooler surface, so finding your concrete basement walls damp can be a sign of excess moisture.
  2. Slow leaks may evaporate before you see the water, but they can leave behind a visible mineral deposit. 
  3. Finding even the smallest puddle in your basement can mean a big leak somewhere.

Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Roeland Park

Many homeowners understand the importance of keeping their foundations in optimal condition, but there is also a large number of people who only think about their foundation when they need to check it off of an inspection list. This means not only are they in the dark about the health of their foundation, but they’re also giving small problems extensive amounts of time to worsen.

Working with a local expert like Olson can help you understand exactly how your foundation is doing with regular inspections, and when repairs are needed we have an extensive list of specialties and unbeatable experience. If you’ve started to see some of the signs we’ve talked about here, or if it’s just been a while since you’ve had your foundation inspected, there’s never a better time than now. Reach out to Olson Foundation today for more information or to get started with an inspection.