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Each type of foundation wall crack requires a unique repair approach. When these cracks occur, several questions must be answered. For example, is it a structural crack that is compromising the strength and stability of the wall? Is the crack going to get larger as time passes? What caused the crack? Is the crack going to let water leak inside your home’s foundation? What are viable repair methods to try?

If these questions aren’t answered, it may cause a homeowner to lose sleep. This is why it is smart to have an expert from Olson Foundation Repair provide a full evaluation to answer all the questions above – and more.

Foundation Crack Types

There are several types of foundation wall cracks you may see. These include:

Vertical Cracks

If you notice large vertical cracks in your walls, they are likely the result of soil settlement. When soil settles, it creates more pressure on your home’s foundation and may lead to cracking. If you notice vertical cracks, it also means significant amounts of water are getting through, which require immediate repair.

Horizontal Cracks

Heavy soil pressure is the most common cause of horizontal cracks. This occurs when the water-saturated soil has exerted pressure against the wall from the exterior. These walls may eventually buckle or bow, and they could cave in.

Stair Step Cracks

If a concrete block foundation wall develops cracks because of settlement or soil pressure, the cracking will appear along the mortar joints present between the individual blocks. These may run through the wall and create a stair-step pattern. These cracks indicate a foundation issue that needs to be repaired.

Potential Causes of Cracks in Your Foundation Walls

There are several possible causes of cracks that appear in your foundation walls. These include:

Soil Pressure

On the outside of your foundation, water-saturated soil or expansive clay soil may push in on your home’s foundation with significant force. If the pressure is too much for the wall, it could develop diagonal or horizontal cracks. You may notice cracks and wall displacement (e.g., tilting or bowing).

Soil Settlement

The soil under your foundation wall will compress or wash away because of a water leak or heavy rain. The footing may then crack vertically and begin to settle into the depression.

Shrinkage of the Mortar or Concrete

These cracks will be too narrow and small for a fingernail. The cracks caused by shrinkage will not change in size and won’t reduce the stability or strength of your home’s foundation.

Construction Defects

Undersized footings, weak concrete, and inadequate reinforcement are all construction defects that may make your home’s foundation walls more likely to crack.

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Our team can evaluate and find the underlying cause of any foundation wall cracks present. We will ensure the job is done right the first time and that the existing cracks are repaired. The likelihood that cracks will return is greatly reduced by the work we do, along with regular home owner maintenance (clean your gutters, maintain grading & downspouts). Contact us today to learn more about these services and how we can help.


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