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For most repairs, steel pier foundation repair is the preferred method. Each structure is unique, so we offer other options, as well. Our team will evaluate your home and property to see what repair method best suits your needs.

Two basic types of steel piers are commonly used for our foundation repair services. We consider them the best options:

  • Helical Steel Piers
  • Straight Steel Piers

Why Steel Piers are a Smart Foundation Repair Solution

Helical and straight steel piers are installed deeper than the traditional concrete piers and offer superior long-term stability.

Steel piers are manufactured using a high carbon tubular steel. This steel is what is used in oil fields and often driven to 10K feet. The steel will be installed in lengths of five feet and connected using 12-inch inserts. The installation process also requires the creation of a 12 by 18-inch hole, compared to poured concrete piers or concrete pilings that need a 24 by 24-inch hole.

Once the steel pier drive is completed, the foundation is supported and leveled using a steel bracket. Landscape disruption and installation time for this method are minimal.

Straight Steel Pier Installation

The straight steel piers offer superior foundation support, and they are driving to the weathered shale or bedrock, unlike concrete piers that are only driven to approximately 10 feet and usually don’t extend to the layer of bedrock or weathered shale. These piers are driven to about 22 feet but may be extended to 70 feet. This provides superior support with a rigid base.

Helical Steel Piers

These are augured into the ground to the bedrock, weathered shale, or a depth greater than 15 feet. This pier consists of one or several helical (spiral) plates welded to the end of the straight steel. Pressure to the foundation is only present when it is supported and leveled using a steel bracket. The landscape disruption with this method is also minimal.

The helical steel piers are perfect for offering lift in a concrete foundation that does not have the proper beams. These are ideal for foundation repair when lightweight foundations are present, such as pier and beam or additional foundations.

Steel vs. Concrete

You may find that some of our foundation repair competition in the Kansas City Metro area does not even offer steel or helical steel piers as an option for foundation repair. One of the reasons for this is because of the higher cost for the equipment required to install these compared to poured or pressed concrete unless the steel piers are installed in one foot long interlocking sections.

When installing these systems, the preferred method is to use five-foot sections, which provide more stability. Also, the cost of the actual materials needed for the piering process is higher than the concrete foundation repair systems.

It is up to you what method of repair you choose; however, we highly recommend choosing steel as it is the more durable and longer-lasting option. Once our team is done with the installation process, you can feel confident the issue will not return.


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