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Common Causes of Foundation Wall Cracks

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Seeing a crack in your foundation is one of the most unpleasant and frightening sights that you will ever see. Regardless of the size of the crack in your foundation, it screams money. When you see a crack in your foundation, it means that it’s time to call a professional contractor pronto! Before you call, you might want to learn more about these cracks so that you will know what kind of questions you should ask.

Common Causes of cracks in a Foundation Wall

When determining the cause of the crack in your foundation, it’s important to examine which direction the crack runs. Cracks running in different directions mean different things and can have different causes.

If the crack in your foundation wall is vertical, it’s most likely a result of soil settlement which is a big problem because these types of cracks let in a lot of water. The more water that gets in through the initial crack, the worse and more expensive the damage will be. If the problem is left until Winter, the water will expand when it freezes, inflicting even more damage as it spreads the crack even farther.

Diagonal cracks in a foundation are typically caused by an unfortunate phenomenon referred to as, differential settling. This occurs when one side of the house settles at a lower point than the rest of the home, which puts an enormous amount of pressure on the foundation. A diagonal foundation crack is usually thin on one side, and wide on the other. This means that if the crack you see is rather thin, then it’s probably much wider on the other side. Soil and water will progressively fill the gap and make the crack even wider.

If the crack is horizontal, you need to get on the phone with a contractor like Olson foundation Repair immediately. Horizontal cracks are caused by excessive pressure from the adjacent soil. These cracks are considered to be more serious because of their potential to buckle. The pressure from the soil can become so severe that your foundation wall will start buckling and can eventually collapse completely.

Other things that can cause cracks in a foundation include shrinkage of the concrete or the mortar itself. Cracks resulting from shrinkage of the concrete or mortar are usually less serious than other types of cracks. Still, you should always consult with a professional contractor to have the cracks assessed to avoid further damage.

What to do When You See a Crack in Your Foundation

If you think that having a contractor repair the cracks in your foundation sounds expensive, think about how much more it will cost when your house sinks into a crumbling foundation. If you are planning on selling your home soon, then having the foundation repaired is imperative. A house with cracks in the foundation won’t pass inspection and you won’t be able to sell.

Regardless of how long you plan on keeping your house, a crack in the foundation is something that needs to be addressed immediately. Remember, the longer you wait, the more damage there will be.

Olson Foundation Repair

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