Shawnee KS Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing

#1 Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Shawnee, KS

Shawnee Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing

Shawnee Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing

Only those who live in or near Shawnee understand how beautiful the area is. The mix of different home styles all have a few things in common, they look great, and they are well taken care of. Shawnee homeowners and those looking to move to the area understand that this takes a significant level of dedication and investment, and it all starts with the home’s foundation.

The foundation is the most critical component of keeping the primary livable space away from the elements, and out of the shifting, often damp ground. They also serve to keep the home level and give significant structural support. The best way to keep a foundation in good shape is to work with a trusted, local foundation repair company. Olson can provide a range of services for Shawnee homeowners, so let’s take a look at some of those services here. We’ll also cover some of the indications that you need one or more of those services. 

Shawnee Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing

There is no other foundation repair company that is going to understand the importance of your home’s foundation like Olson Foundation Repair, and that understanding has helped us to become the region’s leading foundation repair and geotechnical company. 

Our peerless attention to safety, quality, and overall professionalism has allowed us to bring industry-leading repair and waterproofing solutions that exceed your expectations every time. We have been providing these services for nearly 40 years, and are ready to be your trusted repair partner.

Foundation Piering & Repair near Shawnee

Since Shawnee faces some unique challenges concerning foundation repair, it’s critical to use a local company that’s familiar with these challenges, like Olson Foundation Repair. Our soil has a lot of clay in it, and when that clay gets wet it pushes out and expands, when it dries it contracts and creates spaces for settling to occur. Without a long-term solution from a leading company, you could be at risk. Here are some of the common repairs we perform to nearby homes:

Filling Gaps & Cracks

Many of the largest problems started at one time with a small crack or leak. By catching problems early and sealing against moisture, there is the best chance of keeping water out and large repairs unnecessary.

Installing Drains & Pumps

To handle bigger quantities of excess water, routing it around the foundation and then pumping it somewhere else is a common solution.

Piering & Foundation Support

Homes that have a sinking foundation can benefit from piering. This involves setting supports into the bedrock, then using them to support and raise the foundation.

Signs That Your Foundation Needs Repairs

  1. A major sign that your foundation needs repair is the presence of large gaps or even small cracks.
  2. Another sign is seeing cracks in drywall or seeing falling plaster from the shifting foundation.
  3. Homeowners that have concrete entry steps can check for a gap between the steps and the foundation to look for relative movement.

Shawnee Basement Waterproofing

Shawnee is no stranger to large amounts of rainfall in relatively short amounts of time, and while this can be great for many other reasons, it does take its toll on basement waterproofing and can lead to associated problems. The unique challenge posed by the incredible precipitation is the need for much stronger water resistance solutions for area homeowners. Some of the signs that your waterproofing isn’t up to par are below.

Signs Your Basement Waterproofing Needs Repair

  1. Going to your basement and seeing any indication of standing water is a sign that you have a major leak and that you should contact a professional asap.
  2. Many slower leaks can’t even be seen by the naked eye due to the water evaporating so quickly. However, these leaks will generally leave behind a mineral scale from the dissolved groundwater that is later evaporated. 
  3. If you have exterior, humid air entering your basement, the cool concrete walls are the ideal place for it to condense. Finding damp basement walls is a sure sign that you need professional waterproofing help.

Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Shawnee

Even though it may seem like the strongest and most worry-free component of your home, your foundation needs inspection and repairs regularly just like your roof, siding, plumbing, and electrical systems. With a growing number of homeowners forgetting about their foundation until they need to check it off a home-buying checklist, small problems can grow and become extensive expensive problems. 

By working with an expert like Olson Foundation, you can have one of the area’s leading experts inspect your entire foundation, and create a detailed report regarding its health and any recommended repairs. If you’ve started to see some of the signs of damage, or if you just haven’t had an inspection in a few years, now’s the time to get one done and get ahead of any damage. Contact Olson today for more information or to schedule your inspection.