What does a Vertical Wall Crack Mean & What Should You do about it?

What does a Vertical Wall Crack Mean & What Should You do about it?

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There’s nothing like moving into a brand new home only to see a vertical crack appear in the wall a few months later, except perhaps seeing a large vertical crack appear in the house you’ve already been living in for years! Some folks panic upon seeing a sudden striation in the wall, and with good reason. It means that there is a problem, one that you shouldn’t try to fix yourself lest it become an even bigger problem.

What Causes Vertical Cracks in a Wall?

After the initial shock of seeing the damage, you might be wondering what actually caused the crack in your wall. There are a number of common causes for vertical cracks in a wall and you’ll have to consider each of them. Ultimately, however, regardless of the initial cause, it will have to be professionally repaired by a contractor.

If your home was newly constructed, it could be a result of the moisture absorption from the new lumber that was used in the construction. It is extremely common for newly built homes to develop vertical cracks in the walls a few months after the construction because the moisture in lumber varies and causes contortions when it shrinks.

These contortions show themselves in the form of vertical cracks in the wall. They can be repaired, but it’s not something that you should take on by yourself.

You may also experience visual cracks developing above doors and windows, this is very common. These cracks are caused by the shrinkage of the header and will need to be addressed by a professional painting contractor in Kansas City with experience permanently concealing cracks and fixing them properly.

Although vertical cracks are common in the early months of living in a newly constructed home, sometimes shrinkage isn’t the only cause of these cracks. There are cases in which cracks appear because of shoddy work on the builder’s part. Some builders bugger up the taping on seams, making the walls more susceptible to cracking vertically.

When to Worry About Vertical Cracking

There are many different reasons why you might be seeing a vertical crack on a wall in your home. It all depends on the size and location of the crack. You can usually tell how serious a crack is by its location. For example, cracks above windows and doors are to be expected and while they should be repaired for the sake of cosmetics, they certainly don’t endanger your home structurally.

There is another kind of vertical crack that you may see at some point, one that you should worry about. One of the most dangerous types of vertical cracks is one that you find in the concrete wall of your basement.

If the vertical crack that you see is in a concrete wall in the basement instead of in the drywall upstairs, you might have a much bigger problem on your hands. Vertical cracks in your concrete wall in the basement are a telltale sign of a serious problem with the foundation.

Regardless of where it is, when you notice a vertical crack in any wall, don’t try fixing it yourself, these jobs take the expertise of a professional contractor like Olson Foundation Repair.

Call in the Cavalry, Call in Olson Foundation Repair

The very minute that you see a crack in your wall, you should be on the phone with a qualified contractor like Olson Foundation Repair. Kansas City is a great place to live and its residents are blessed to have the likes of Olson Foundation Repair, a company they can trust. The people of Kansas City have trusted us since 1986 and we’re just getting started!

When you spot a vertical crack in your wall, don’t hesitate to call Olson Foundation Repair!