Kansas City Epoxy Injections for Basement Wall Crack Repair

Kansas City Epoxy Injections for Basement Wall Crack Repair

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In every waterproofing job, we encounter different problems and challenges. Each waterproofing job is its own animal, and they are all so unique that one may need one thing and another may need something else. In some cases, foundation walls are cracked. These cracks will eventually need filled with epoxy injection and sealed to prevent further water coming inside. But is that the only thing that needs to be done?


Before considering epoxy injection, you should be sure to get an inspection so that you know where the cause of the water damage is from. Whether it’s a quick fix of a downspout too close to the foundation or an open basement window or a more in depth foundation problem like bowing walls, the foundation should always be checked before epoxy injection is even considered. Filling cracks before foundation damage is resolved is not going to solve the problem. The problem will merely be covered up, and could get progressively worse underneath the epoxy. This could lead to future costly repairs that could have been resolved when you first saw the foundation cracks.


When foundation damage is repaired, we can begin to consider epoxy injections. Epoxy injection is a process of fixing your basement wall cracks in poured concrete walls in which two-part epoxy is spread over the outside of a crack. We usually recommend urethane over epoxy because it sets up as it expands and also remains flexible and will hold a seal better. This is especially important when you have water coming in to your basement or crawlspace. You want to make sure that you have the best seal that you can so that no more water can make its way into you basement or crawlspace.


If you have explored foundation repair options and had your foundation repair problems resolved but still have foundation cracks, it’s time to consider epoxy injection. Epoxy injection can resolve any lingering basement waterproofing issues that you are having with repaired foundation problems due to the existing cracks. Once the cracks are sealed, you should finally be free to enjoy your basement or crawlspace without worry.

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