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What Are the Benefits of Wall Bracing?

The most obvious benefit of wall bracing is preventing your home from having foundation damage. This technique is one that has long been trusted for keeping foundation walls stable and preventing damage. Bracing is one of the best ways to…

Wall Bracing: What is it and does My Foundation Need it?

Many of the problems homes face are to do with their foundations. The foundation and what the foundation is built on. Problems with your foundation can cause a lot of damage and decrease the value of your home. Just some of the problems are leaks, cracks inside and out, and uneven floors. If you have drainage problems, this can make the foundation less secure. Wall bracing can really help your home to be much more secure. read more

Common Foundation Problems in Kansas City

WATER IN THE BASEMENT 90-95% of water issues are due to poor drainage or improper guttering The obvious signs of water problems is water running down foundation walls Cracks in basement floor slabs (heaving) is normally a sign of water…