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Soil shifting and settling can put your property’s concrete slabs at risk, leading to cracking and uneven surfaces. Uneven concrete is not just a hazard, but it also negatively impacts the aesthetics of your property.

That’s why both homeowners and business owners in Kansas City prefer driveway and slab repairs. Instead of choosing the time-intensive and costly process of replacing concrete entirely, we at Olson Foundation Repair advocate for concrete leveling. Our preferred method is polyjacking, a process used to level, elevate, and fill voids under concrete.

It is crucial to address damaged or sunken concrete swiftly. Whether it’s a driveway, sidewalk, or sunken patio that requires attention, Olson Foundation Repair is at your service. Our experienced concrete experts can utilize the slab jacking/polyjacking method to successfully restore your concrete. Additionally, we can assist with other concrete requirements like crack repair and rectifying uneven concrete surfaces.

Why Does Concrete Sinking Occur?

Concrete sinking is predominantly caused by the shifting of soil underneath the slab. Over time, natural soil settlement occurs. However, several factors can expedite this process, such as poorly compacted fill soil, washout due to heavy rainfall or plumbing leaks, and extremely dry weather conditions. These elements can trigger sudden soil shifts, resulting in voids under concrete slabs.

As the integrity of your concrete slab depends on the soil stability underneath, the formation of voids weakens your concrete, ultimately leading to cracks and collapse. While heavy rainfall and natural settlement are beyond control, below are some common yet preventable causes of concrete sinking:

  • Poor soil compaction during construction
  • Poor excavation for drainage
  • Poorly installed or maintained downspouts
  • Burrowing animals
  • Tree roots

Even though soil changes over time are sometimes inevitable, regularly inspecting your concrete for damage could help you mitigate concrete issues. At the first sign of damage, the team at Olson Foundation Repair in Kansas City can conduct driveway and slab repairs before the problem escalates. We offer free inspections and estimates to help you gauge the potential cost of your concrete raising repair.


What Is Polyjacking?

about kansas city Polyjacking?

Polyjacking is an innovative concrete repair technique that stabilizes, levels, and elevates sunken concrete or fills in voids. It involves injecting high-density foam through small drilled holes, which expands in place, lifting the slab back to its original position.

The expanding urethane foam not only halts further settling but also fills in small cracks, making them disappear. This procedure is less intrusive than conventional concrete repair methods like mudjacking or replacement, as it doesn’t require heavy equipment or create substantial messes. Furthermore, polyjacking is time-efficient and usually completed within a day.

Though polyjacking may be referred to by different names such as concrete lifting, slabjacking, mudjacking, or concrete raising, the ultimate goal remains the same—leveling concrete. When executed by our Kansas City concrete leveling experts, polyjacking can significantly reduce the risks associated with uneven concrete and enhance the aesthetics of your yard, garden, patio, sidewalks, driveways, or any other concrete-based areas at your home.

This not only boosts curb appeal but also increases your property value, as potential buyers won’t be deterred by cracked, unattractive, or sunken concrete.


Mudjacking vs. PolyFoam Injections

about kansas city Mudjacking Compared to PolyFoam Injections

Concrete leveling typically involves two prevalent methods: mudjacking and PolyFoam injections. Despite sharing the same objective of filling voids in concrete surfaces and raising them to the required height, PolyFoam injections offer a more efficient solution.

The key advantage of polyurethane foam injections is their rapid setting time, allowing you to use the treated area within 30 minutes post-completion, as opposed to a 24-hour waiting period with mudjacking. This minimizes downtime and averts any damage caused by delays. Moreover, polyfoam injections are fully waterproof, reducing water absorption and ensuring improved stability over time.

When administered by a trained specialist, polyjacking offers remarkable results at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Hence, it’s no wonder PolyFoam injections are viewed as the ideal method for reliable and long-lasting concrete leveling.



Sets and cures in minutes, allowing for immediate use of the areaTakes at least 24 to 72 hours to cure, with potential for damage if disturbed too soon
The poly foam chemically bonds to the soil, providing enhanced stabilityStability is largely dependent on existing soil conditions; sensitive to water damage and freeze/thaw cycles
Polyurethane is hydrophobic, resisting water penetration and potential erosionNo water resistance; the material can erode over time, especially in areas with water drainage issues
Lightweight (2 to 4 lbs per cubic foot), avoiding additional stress on potentially weak soilQuite heavy (about 100 lbs per cubic foot), which could further burden already compromised soil
Project can be completed in a matter of hoursTakes at least a day, sometimes extending over several days depending on the quantity of material needed
Smaller, fewer holes drilled into the concrete, each about 5/8″ in diameterRequires drilling larger holes in the concrete, about 2-2 1/2″ in diameter
Polyurethane usually lasts around a decade, with a standard 2-year warranty for exterior injectionsUncertain longevity with no specific warranty; repeated applications may be required
Ideal for large, heavy, or sensitive concrete slabs; virtually a good fit for all projectsSuitable for well-preserved concrete that is no longer level; not recommended for load-bearing slabs or areas with poor soil conditions or water issues
Water resistant and will not erode, unlike the slurry from mudjackingMaterial is not waterproof and can erode over time
Offers excellent value with quick, long-lasting repairs, and wider reach than mudjackingCheaper and quicker than full replacement, but with longer drying time, risk of further damage, and potentially shorter lifespan of the repair

Why Do We Recommend

Polyjacking for Concrete Leveling?

At Olson Foundation Repair, we prefer polyjacking for concrete leveling due to its cost-effectiveness compared to complete concrete replacement. This process requires just a few hours, less equipment, and manpower, minimizing disturbance to surrounding areas.

Upon completion, the treated concrete is ready for immediate use, with all tripping hazards eliminated and the assurance of a durable repair solution that will last for years.

Polyjacking vs. Concrete Replacement

When it comes to concrete leveling, polyjacking is a superior and economical choice, especially when the existing concrete is salvageable. Unlike concrete replacement, which requires tearing out and repouring the entire slab, polyjacking allows you to target only the areas that need maintenance.

Concrete replacement is a lengthy process, involving removal, framing, pouring, cutting, and curing, often spanning multiple days. Furthermore, the cost of concrete replacement can be 6 to 8 times more than concrete leveling.

What Types of Concrete Surfaces Can Polyjacking Level?

Polyjacking is a versatile solution and can be employed for almost any concrete surface repair project. Here are some common concrete surfaces we can restore using the polyjacking method:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Patios
  • Stairs
  • Pool decks
  • Under footing post piering
  • Other free-floating slabs

Reasons Not to Ignore Uneven Concrete

Ignoring concrete settlement can compound problems over time, making it important to address sunken walkways or patios promptly. Olson Foundation Repair provides comprehensive driveway and slab repair solutions in Kansas City. Here are some compelling reasons to not overlook problem concrete:

Potential Trip Hazards

Uneven or sunken concrete can pose significant tripping risks, potentially causing serious injuries to you, your family, or visitors. If not addressed, you could be exposed to legal ramifications due to an accident on your premises.

Aesthetic Disruption

Unlevel concrete can mar the aesthetic appeal of your property. A cracked or sunken sidewalk is not an inviting sight, and it certainly doesn’t create a positive impression for customers or potential clients if it’s a commercial property.

Decreased Property Value

Uneven concrete surfaces can depreciate the value of your property. Potential buyers may be deterred from investing in a property with unlevel concrete, whether it’s a patio, driveway, or walkway.

Challenges in Selling Your Property

Uneven sidewalks or other concrete issues can deter potential buyers when you’re looking to sell your property. Buyers might perceive these repairs as an additional financial burden, and you may have to reduce your listing price or struggle to sell the property.

Water Accumulation

Uneven concrete can trap rainwater or melting snow, causing further damage to your home or landscaping. This accumulated water could seep into the soil and compromise your home’s foundation, creating a potential sanitation issue.


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