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A Homeowners Guide to Wall Crack Repair

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A small crack in your steps or exterior walls may not seem like a big deal, but it does need to be taken seriously. Even a small crack can allow moisture in and that is bad news.

If you are finding cracks, even small ones, you need to call a professional contractor to check them out. It is best to have them repaired right away, rather than waiting. These cracks will continue to grow.

What Causes Cracks?

Cracks are a normal part of a home. There are bound to be some, at some point.

Trees near the home have deep roots that can interfere with the foundation. They can actually lift your home, in some cases. They absorb moisture from around the foundation, causing the earth to settle.

The soil under and around the home can dry out, expand, and cause the house to move with it. This can make small cracks around the bottom of the foundation or higher.

If there is no proper drainage for the water to escape, this can make the house sink on one side, several sides, or tilt one way or the other.

Earthquakes are another culprit. Even small ones can shift your foundation enough that the concrete will crack. These cracks may appear inside and outside.

Shoddy materials used to build the home can also be a factor in the foundation cracking. Depending on the region you live in, this can really be a problem.

Sometimes it’s just age. An older home may have other issues that are causing it to tilt, shift, drop, sag, or just give up.

Types of Cracks

There are a few different ways that cracks form. This often means it is due to a particular problem.

Hairline Cracks

These are small, thin cracks that are usually vertical. Even though they may taper down, they can still go right to the bottom and allow moisture in.

Vertical Cracks

Running top to bottom, these may be caused by the home settling, water or seepage and can allow more water in.

Horizontal Cracks

These are cracks running from side to side and need to be taken more seriously. It can be from the wall moving inward. These are usually caused by water not being able to drain properly.

It could be from the rebar breaking out of the foundation. If the rebar is too close to the edge, the weight of the house can cause it to shift and pop out.

What To Do

Cracks in your foundation will only get bigger. They can allow water in, and depending on how big they are, bugs, small animals too. You need to call a contractor and get them to look at them.

Not all of them will be as serious, but you do need to take them seriously. Left alone, they will only get worse and can cause structural damage that will be costly and potentially dangerous.

You should do a regular inspection of your walls and foundation. It’s the best way to stay ahead of them and get them repaired. You should call a professional in to look at your foundation cracks, to make sure you get the more serious ones repaired.

You could also call a contractor to come once a year to do an inspection of your foundation, just to make sure everything is in order. You might not think a particular crack is problematic, but you shouldn’t guess.

Contact us at Olson Foundation Repair to find out what steps you need to take for your foundation cracks. Find out what is going on with your home’s foundation and get on top of it.