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Common Foundation Problems in Old Kansas City Homes

If are buying an older home or if you have inherited an older family home, there can be problems with them. In particular, if they have been left unattended for a long period of time. One of the biggest concerns for older homes is the foundation. This is what is keeping the entire home in place. If there are structural problems with the foundation, it will affect the entire house. read more

6 Questions to Ask Your Kansas City Foundation Repair Contractor

Most of us are not experts on foundation repair. It can be a bit intimidating to get help in for repairs. It can be more difficult to find the right company to do the work. Get a few questions ready beforehand to ask when you are looking for a foundation repair contractor. These will help you narrow the field of companies you want to hire for the repairs. read more

Why Fall is the Perfect Time for Foundation Repair

If you need foundation repair, fall is a great time to have work done. Of course there can be benefits and downsides for each season. Ultimately it will come down to how severe your situation is. Just having some repairs done means you can wait until the ideal time of year for you and the contractors. read more

Fall Foundation Maintenance Tips for Kansas City Homeowners

Keeping up with maintenance on your home can be a full-time job. It can also get expensive. But keeping ahead of any possible damages due to weather, accidents, or just an aging home is important. Getting on top of any repairs and keeping everything in tip-top shape will save you money. Maintenance is much easier and less expensive than major repairs. Keeping an eye on your foundation is just as important as any other maintenance on your home. read more

Why Repairing Your Cinder Block Wall is Best Left to the Pros

If your foundation is made from cinder blocks, you are not alone. They are very popular and used widely as they are less expensive than some other methods and easy to work with during construction. However, if you encounter problems with your cinder block wall, like cracks, broken blocks, or leaning, they are not as easy to work with during repair. You need to hire a contractor who has the knowledge and experience to make the repairs without causing more damage. read more

Wall Bracing: What is it and does My Foundation Need it?

Many of the problems homes face are to do with their foundations. The foundation and what the foundation is built on. Problems with your foundation can cause a lot of damage and decrease the value of your home. Just some of the problems are leaks, cracks inside and out, and uneven floors. If you have drainage problems, this can make the foundation less secure. Wall bracing can really help your home to be much more secure. read more

Everything You Need to Know About a Stone Wall Repair

Stone walls are some of the easiest to construct. They look fabulous and are very strong. But they also can get damaged. Just like any other type of structure, they can become frail with age and weather, get damaged, and start to fall apart. Having the wall repaired may be an option if it isn’t too far gone. Repairs can be for small areas or larger ones. You should always consult a professional for stone wall repair. read more