How Long Does It Take To Waterproof a Basement?

How Long Does It Take To Waterproof a Basement?

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What is the typical project length when you hire Olson Foundation Repair to waterproof a basement?

We understand how Kansas City homeowners can’t afford to devote untold days or weeks to construction work around their homes. Fortunately, we offer a minimally invasive service, which will not require you to leave your home or endure lots of interference.

Here’s a bird’s-eye-view of what it’s like to hire us for effective basement waterproofing.

Basic Expectations for How We Waterproof a Basement in KC

Timetable expectations depend on how bad things have gotten. We offer multiple resolutions to leaky basements: interior drain-tile installation, sump pump pit installation, epoxy injections, exterior waterproofing membranes, and gravel trench installation.

So, ultimately the project length has a lot to do with which of these projects you select, and the extent of the damages. It’s always easier, faster, and more affordable to fix one wall rather than four.

We also encounter waterproofing projects that take longer if there’s water intruding from beneath the floors. There are many variables in the foundation repair and basement waterproofing trade. To illustrate what we mean, let’s check out some specific examples.

Examples of How We Would Waterproof a Basement

If we were to install an interior drain-tile system, 100-feet long, for an unfinished basement, we’d expect it to take about three days. This involves breaking into the floor, installing the drain tiles, setting up a sump pump pit (new or existing), laying some gravel, and finishing with concrete. On a smaller scale, installing 25 feet of drain tile might take only about a day to complete.

What about crack injections (using epoxy)?

This is a much quicker and simpler cosmetic fix. We could epoxy inject one wall, 25 feet long, in about two or three hours. If it goes across 125 feet, then it might last a day or two.

Even this simpler approach takes a little while, assuming you want it done right the first time. Wall crack repair, through injection, requires us to set up everything, inject the sealant, wait for it to dry, and do finishing touches, which takes a decent amount of time. It’s also only available for poured-concrete walls rather than stone or cinder-block foundations.

Why It’s Worth the Time to Pursue Basement Waterproofing

Is it worth the hassle to endure multiple days of construction to have a fully waterproof basement?

We believe it is a very worthwhile investment because it prevents several problems and adds substantial home value. That’s because we can address every cosmetic or structural issue and waterproofing is an essential item if you ever decide to finish your basement or add lower-level rooms.

Although the more extensive projects might cost a few thousand dollars, you’ll enjoy a much greater peace of mind when you don’t have leaks, floods, and ugly cracks. Don’t forget that this has spillover benefits for all the basement-level rooms throughout your home.

Hire Olson Foundation Repair for Optimal Results

We don’t expect homeowner clients to pay good money for mediocre waterproofing. That’s why you should work with a foundation contractor, like Olson Foundation Repair, that substantiates its claims with lots of previous work examples and satisfied customers. We possess a stellar reputation all around Kansas City because we’ve fixed leaks, cracks, and damaged foundations without charging a fortune or taking forever to complete the work.

You can also verify what we see by checking our Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile. We have an accreditation with them to go along with all the requisite licensing, bonding, and insurance for foundation repair. Finally, all of our work comes with competitive warranty coverage.

Contact us anytime to find out what it takes to waterproof a basement and enjoy years of leak-free home protection.

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