How Do I Prepare My Home For Basement Waterproofing?

How Do I Prepare My Home For Basement Waterproofing?

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What are the best steps you should take to prepare your home for basement waterproofing?

This renovation is minimally invasive compared to a lot of other foundation projects, where we would have to excavate or install I-beams. This article will offer a few practical tips (which are quick and easy to do), followed by a reminder of why waterproofing helps protect your home.

How to Prepare Your Home for Basement Waterproofing with Olson Foundation Repair

The good news is you don’t have to leave the house to accommodate the work we do. There’s a little noise for the first day or two, usually some jack-hammering, but it doesn’t go nonstop for hours. Aside from that, our presence shouldn’t interfere with your normal routine that much.

One important preparation step would be to check your basement to see if there’s anything fragile or vulnerable when we work on things. The best idea is to move stuff into your garage or another area of your home. It’s important to have things cleared out of the way so that we have enough access to everything.

When our staff meets with you to do waterproofing, that person will show you which walls or areas need to be clear. Nothing will come as a surprise to you when you begin the process.

Also, the waterproofing effort will probably knock loose a lot of dust from the walls. You might not want to let that get onto any basement furniture or other important belongings. Otherwise, it forces you to do more cleaning later.

What are the Benefits of Waterproofing Your Basement?

Hopefully, these minor inconveniences don’t deter you from obtaining basement repairs if your home could really use it. Just as a friendly reminder, we’d like to review the many benefits of hiring Olson Foundation Repair to waterproof your basement.

  1. It’s the best way to limit the risk of basement flooding.
  2. You can finally address those leaky corners and musty smells.
  3. This protects both your basement and even the mid-level rooms from potential damage from foundation problems.
  4. Have you had trouble with mold or mildew in the basement? That usually stems from some type of moisture or humidity problem, which waterproofing can resolve.
  5. This also makes your basement much more viable for a full finishing project.
  6. You’ll add value to your home with a much more secure, clean, and dry basement.

Resist the Temptation to DIY Waterproofing Projects

Yes, there are a couple of minor waterproofing things some folks do by themselves. If the cracks in certain areas aren’t bad, you might be able to seal them with epoxy. Just remember that it’s easy to do even that stuff poorly, compounding your trouble with leaks. We encourage customers to avoid taking a DIY approach to basement and foundation repairs because it’s detailed work, and mistakes tend to be expensive.

Even if you’re not overly enthusiastic about hiring contractors, remember that we’re happy to offer at least a free consultation and second opinion. You can have us check on any foundation problem, identify potential root causes, offer solutions, and choose whether to accept it. There’s no sales pressure or other hassle involved.

Hire Olson Foundation Repair for Prompt & Effective Basement Waterproofing in Kansas City

Olson Foundation Repair helps residential homeowners gain control over issues affecting the lowest parts of the home. This includes everything from waterproofing and drainage solutions to wall bracing and minor crack repair.

Don’t forget that all our services come with warranty guarantees and our commitment to total customer satisfaction. That’s why we receive a steady volume of referral clients who hear about our effective work from their friends and neighbors.

Contact Olson Foundation Repair anytime to find out all about basement waterproofing solutions for homes in Kansas City.

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