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Cracks in Your Foundation? When You Should Worry

If you’re concerned about cracks in your foundation, the materials may be the cause. Concrete masonry or poured concrete accounts for most of the foundations in the U.S. These materials are the best for foundations, but come at the cost…

How to Monitor the Condition of Your Home’s Foundation

The condition of your home’s foundation may contribute to a long list of expensive, stressful home repairs. Foundation repairs to your home can be a wide range in cost, with the price tag often increasing depending on how far-reaching the damage has become. A proactive part of preventative home maintenance involves finding these problems as early as reasonably possible. read more

The Cost of Improper Drainage

The cost of improper drainage on your home and property can run you into the thousands. Not always, but when your drainage system isn’t working properly, it causes damage to many different areas. read more