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What Does a Leaning Chimney Mean?

If your chimney is tilting or leaning to one side, it is bad news. It is potentially expensive and dangerous, as well. They may also be cracks, falling or missing bricks, and crumbling at the base. read more

6 Reasons You May Have a Leaky Basement this Winter

We often think about leaks and floods during warmer, wetter months but there are several reasons you may have a leaky basement this winter. Leaks can happen anytime and winter is no exception. Leaks anytime are an unwelcome visit, often…

How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Foundation?

It’s no secret that concrete will expand and contract according to the weather. When you add moisture to the fray, it can end up causing a lot of damage. It’s also common knowledge that concrete has cracks, holes, and often, hidden pockets or gaps. These occur naturally but when you add extreme weather, they can only get worse. There is always going to be moisture around your foundation, which can get in these openings. Once the cold weather comes, it can freeze the water that is found in your foundation, freeze the water or moisture that has seeped into the cracks, and make these problems much bigger. read more