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Top Causes of Foundation Cracks in Kansas City

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One of the biggest concerns for homeowners is foundation cracks in Kansas City. While every foundation will develop cracks at some point, large cracks in a fairly new home are going to be alarming.

Cracks don’t always spell disaster, however. Cracks are a natural part of anything made of concrete. It could be down to age or poor workmanship, but there are other reasons foundations crack in Kansas City.

Top Causes of Foundation Cracks in Kansas City

It would be more surprising if your foundation didn’t develop cracks over time, as most are inevitable.


Too much moisture or lack of moisture is a popular reason that foundations crack. This moisture, or lack of, will have an impact on the soil beneath. The soil, when too dry, shrinks away, causing the foundation to shift to adjust.

If it is too wet, the soil can expand and slide away, which also causes the foundation to make adjustments to stabilize itself. Without proper support below, the foundation shifts cause cracks to start.

Moisture can come from weather, from a burst pipe or other plumbing problems, spring thaw, rainstorms, and more. The drying of the soil can also be down to heat, dry weather, or moisture being drawn away from trees and other plants nearby.

Extreme Weather

The moisture affects concrete by soaking into the foundation. When the foundation gets very hot or very cold, it changes. The water in the concrete will freeze and expand, causing cracks to start.

It can also happen under the baking heat of the sun. The heat and then cooling down will have a diverse effect on the cracks in your foundation. When the concrete gets hot it expands and then cools down at night or during a storm.

The freezing and thawing cycle causes damage to all types of concrete. The concrete and the earth and other support systems around your home will all be affected by it.

Earthquakes and Vibrations

Even if you don’t live in an earthquake zone, even the slightest tremor can make your cupboards move. That means your foundation is moving, too. Even an area that only gets small earthquakes on a regular basis can get cracks in its foundation.

If you live near a highway or are experiencing major construction nearby, the constant vibration of traffic or an excavator will start to have an effect on your Kansas City foundation and cause cracks.

The constant vibrations will start to weaken the foundation and this can cause a lot of damage after a while. Cracks, foundation crumbling, and weakened walls will start to develop cracks.


Trees can not only drain much-needed moisture from your foundation, but they can also do a lot of damage with their roots. The roots continue to grow and spread, and when they hit your house, they just find another way around.

This is also a major cause of foundation cracks in Kansas City homes. The roots not only sap the moisture, but they can also start to chip away at the concrete and get underneath and push the foundation out of the way.

Kansas City Foundation Cracks

There isn’t much you can do to prevent cracks from happening, you can certainly do something to keep them from getting worse. Make sure you have an inspection done regularly and get repairs to any cracks that need it.

For more information about foundation cracks in Kansas City, follow this link, or contact us here at Olson Foundation Repair. If you are worried your foundation isn’t as strong as it once was, contact us for a full inspection.