How Dry Weather and Hot Weather Can Harm Your Foundation

How Hot and Dry Weather Can Harm Your Foundation

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We all know how the hot sun and dry weather can do damage to all sorts of things, including ourselves. But it can also cause damage to your home and the foundation.

We don’t often think about the effects of hot weather on the foundation, but we should. If left unattended, the damage can be extensive and expensive. Here are a few ways the hot and dry weather can be a problem for your foundation.

Hot, Dry Weather and Your Foundation

If you live somewhere that experiences long periods of hot and dry weather, it’s important to be aware of the damage it can cause.

Soil Shrinkage

Once the weather stays hot and dry, it starts to remove the moisture from the soil. This causes the soil to shrink and will cause your house to shift or settle. It can cause the foundation to crack, tilt, windows and doors will not fit properly, and the cracks can lead to leaks.

If there is also a strong wind it will pick up dry soil and remove it, leaving gaps and spaces. It means that the foundation is no longer supported as it needs to be.

Once the soil has eroded, there is a bigger problem when the rain comes. It can fill up the spots where the soil used to be, getting in the cracks and loosening up the soil. This can also cause the foundation to shift.

Concrete Cracks

When the ground dries, the concrete can also get dried out. With the moisture evaporating around the property, cracks can form in the concrete. This can affect the foundation, the steps, the sidewalk, and the basement, as well.

Sinking Foundations

With the soil moving and shrinking, the foundation will start to sink. It will keep sinking or shifting until it finds a secure place to stop. Even a few centimeters will cause a lot of damage.

Of course, the soil doesn’t shift evenly, so expect your foundation and the house to tilt towards one side. This can cause damage throughout the entire home.

Walls can crack, door and window frames will tilt or shift, floors will tilt or become warped, and chimneys can tilt and crumble. Your roof can also sag, droop, tilts, or develop leaks or holes. This type of damage can happen before you even know it is a problem.

Add Water

Watering your lawn regularly during the hot months will help prevent the damage from happening. Keep in mind, if you have large trees close to the home, they will also absorb a lot of water. Make sure the trees, bushes, and other garden plants are watered.

Regular Inspections

All severe weather will have an effect on your foundation. It’s important to have it inspected by an expert to make sure there is no damage. Consider having it inspected twice a year, for summer and winter damage can be long-lasting and not always visible.

An inspection is one of the best ways of preventing damage. If there are cracks or the potential for damage, they will find it. It is also a far better plan to have small repairs done before it’s all too late. It’s much cheaper to have an inspection and smaller repairs taken care of right away.

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