Signs Your Foundation Needs to be Repaired By the Pros

Signs Your Foundation Needs to be Repaired By the Pros

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Most of us don’t think much about the foundation of our home. At least, not until we have to. The foundation is what keeps your home in place, so if there is a problem with the foundation, there are going to be problems with the rest of the home, too. If you see problems or even suspect there might be something wrong, you need to contact a professional foundation contractor right away to have it repaired. Even a small problem can have a big effect on the rest of the house.

Signs Your Foundation Needs Repairing

Never ignore even the smallest issue with the foundation of your home. These are not problems that will fix themselves.


If you notice cracks in the foundation, in your walls, on your floors, the basement, around doors and windows, on the steps, or on your chimney, there could be a serious problem. Small cracks are quite normal, as homes settle and shift slightly due to soil movement underneath.

Deep cracks, however, need to be checked right away. Horizontal cracks are more serious than vertical ones, but all big cracks should be looked at. It doesn’t always mean there is a problem with the foundation, but you should always get them checked.


If you notice gaps around the window or door frames, you should call your foundation contractor to have it repaired. This can happen on one side, across the top, or on the side of the frame.

This type of shifting can also affect how the doors operate. If doors are sticking, won’t close properly, or swing open all the time, there may be a problem that needs to be looked at.

Doors can swell in the humidity, so make note of when this is happening. This could be due to the weather and not a foundation problem. If it has never happened before, you may want to have it checked.

Sagging Floors

If you have noticed a new dip or unevenness in your floors, this could be a sign that the foundation is sinking and needs repaired. The beams underneath may have shifted due to the foundation moving or sinking.

Dips, sagging or squeaking floors can be indications that there are some foundation problems. These will get worse over time and can even be dangerous if they are left too long.

Counters and Cabinets Movement

Dips or sagging with your countertops or cabinets are also signs there may be some issues with shifting or moving foundation. If the counter or cabinets have pulled away from the wall, or have suddenly seemed uneven, have them checked.

Also, problems with the doors on cabinets not closing properly, swinging open, or not fitting into their frames any longer can also mean there may be a shift or sinking in your foundation.

Check for gaps at the bottom of the cabinets that are on the floor, as well. If you notice new spaces where there were none before might be indications of foundation movement.

Damp Areas

If you notice new damp spots in the walls, the ceiling, the floors, or in your basement, this can be a developing problem. There may be some shifting occurring causing cracks or gaps that you can’t see.

Contact your foundation contractor to make sure there isn’t a bigger problem about to happen. Problems you can’t see will only turn into bigger problems down the road.

Contact Olson Foundation Repair to make sure your foundation is safe or for any repairs, or waterproofing it may need. Call to schedule an inspection and see the difference offered by the Olson Foundation Repair team.