Most Common Ways Water Seeps into a Basement

Most Common Ways Water Seeps into a Basement

Most Common Ways Water Seeps into a Basement

There are several common ways water seeps into a basement, and not all of them may be that obvious. You might be thinking that the water is coming from rain or snow and ice melting, but there are more.

Unfortunately, water in your basement is common on its own. Sometimes it is just a household mishap, other times it is pointing at a larger problem. Plus, it’s not always going to be a big puddle on the floor.

It can show up in the form of musty odors, excess humidity, stains, peeling paint, and wallpaper, or mold and mildew appearing. If you notice any of these things, it’s time to call a professional.

Most Common Ways Water Seeps into a Basement

Our basements tend to be a bit damp and musty anyhow. They are below ground level and surrounded by dirt, soil, or clay. It’s almost impossible to keep it out entirely.

Drainage System Issues

One of the most common ways water seeps into a basement is down to drainage problems. This can be your gutters. Your waterproofing, and your landscaping. Water needs to be led away from your house to prevent it from seeping into the soil around your foundation.

Floor drains in the home can also be a problem. These can back up the sewer lines and cause a floor. These are commonly found in bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Cracks in Your Foundation

Your foundation doesn’t need to be old to develop cracks. Cracks can happen in a new home, too. But even small cracks can be a big problem. Water can seep into a basement through these cracks in your walls or floor.

If these cracks are left unattended, they can get much bigger. The water getting in can do a lot of damage even before you are aware there is a problem at all. Once the walls start to separate from the floors, then you are going to need professional help right away.

Common Ways Water Seeps into a Basement: Broken Pipes

Another common way water seeps into a basement is from a broken or leaky pipe. Most of your pipes for water and drainage go through the basement, if there is an issue with one or more, the basement will get water in it.

These can have leaks that you are not aware of and do a fair amount of damage before it is found. Broken pipes, whether you are home at the time or not are going to leave a lot of water to deal with.

Water Heater or Sump Pump

You could also have a problem with your sump pump or your water heater. The sump pump may stop working if there is too much water for it to pump out and if your water heater gives out, it will let go a lot of water.

Leaking Roof

If you have a leaking roof, that water will eventually make its way down to the basement. It’s going to do a lot of damage on the way. These types of leaks can get missed if the water is moving down the side of your house or inside the walls.

Common Ways Water Seeps into a Basement

Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you even suspect there is a water problem with your home, Call Us here are Olson Foundation Repair right away. An inspection can tell you how serious your problem is.

We can help with any repairs your basement needs and install waterproofing your basement to prevent any further damage. Prevent is much less expensive than costly repairs.