Knowing How to Repair a Sinking Foundation

Knowing How to Repair a Sinking Foundation

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Understanding how to repair a sinking foundation is vital knowledge for homeowners. Foundations settle over time, and this is usually nothing to worry about. However, sinking is more severe than the usual settling and could cause substantial structural problems if uncorrected.

Knowledge is power when it comes to diagnosing your sinking foundation issues. A common method for correcting this foundation issue includes installing load-bearing piers.

Why Piers Are Effective for Knowing How to Repair a Sinking Foundation

Knowing how to repair a sinking foundation may involve methods like installing load-bearing piers. Piers go into the ground under the foundation. After the initial installation, the piers are leveled to help prevent further sinking issues.

There is no single type of pier that works for repairing foundation issues. Some of the factors that may influence the piers used include the type of soil used, the structure, and problem severity.

Pier types include:

  • Helical piers
  • Hydraulic lift piers
  • Steel push piers

Read on to learn more about the different types of piers and how they may help resolve your foundation issues.

Types of Piers Used for Repairing Foundations

Helical piers ensemble screws that attach to the foundation with brackets are driven into the ground. These piers work best for situations with difficult ground or smaller buildings.

Hydraulic lift piers support the entire foundation, making them the best choice for situations requiring substantial support. One of the advantages of these piers is their suitability for commercial and residential settings. These piers are driven into the ground like helical piers but lifted hydraulically instead of attached to brackets.

Steel push piers are similar to helical piers in that they are driven into the ground, then affixed to brackets. However, these piers differ from helical piers because they are more suitable for less-firm ground.

What Are Your Next Steps for Repairing a Sinking Foundation?

To make sure your sinking foundation issues are addressed, you’ll need to enlist the help of a foundation expert. Because ground and soil problems often contribute, you need expert help to diagnose them properly.

Contact us at Olson Foundation Repair today so we can help you go over solutions about how to repair a sinking foundation and help prevent any further property damage.