6 Reasons You May Need House Leveling

6 Reasons You May Need House Leveling

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Foundation problems can vary but there are a few reasons why you may need house leveling. Some problems with your foundation are going to be more severe than others.

If it gets to the point where it needs leveling, you need to act quickly. If your house is leaning or tilting to one side, that puts a lot of pressure on the entire house.

6 Reasons You May Need House Leveling

House leveling requires the home to be lifted and straightened out to be as even as possible. It is a big job that can save your home.

Bowed Walls

If the walls in your basement are bowing inward, this is a major reason too. When your foundation shits or tilts, this puts pressure on the other side of the house.

You need to call a professional right away. Waiting too long may cause them to collapse and cause a great deal of damage, if not injury. They won’t last long with that much pressure on them.

Cracked Foundation

Cracks are most often caused by a shifting foundation. The pressure grows on one side that causes the foundation to crack. These can appear on the inside or the outside of your home.

These cracks can appear in the mortar between the bricks, in your basement, on your chimney, in the drywall, and even leave gaps between the walls, the floors, and the ceilings.

Sagging Roof

If your house and foundation have started to shift, it will affect your roof. There could be sagging areas, holes or tears may appear, and the chimney can start to pull away.

If you are having roofing issues, that’s a good reason you may need your house leveled. The roof can even start to lift away from the frame if it gets too bad. If you notice roof problems, it could be your foundation.

Warped Floors

If your floors are sloping, warping, slanting, creating sags or pockets, or are becoming uneven, this is often a foundation concern. Very often we don’t notice any changes in our floors until they are quite severe.

They may start to pull away from the wall or gaps may appear under cabinets. The beam underneath may be getting badly damaged. You can check your floors with a small ball to see if it rolls very far.

Sticking Doors and Windows

If you have noticed that doors and windows are not working properly or are sticking in their frames, it could be due to a shifting foundation. Just like fools slanting, it can also be caused by moisture but the house shifting will also cause that.

The doors and windows will start to stick at a certain point. Once the home starts to shift, they are unable to function as it should.

Previous Repairs

If you have had to have several repairs carried out for foundation problems, you may be just wasting your money. After a while, you need to make a more permanent fix.

If you are new to an older home, there could be a long line of repairs you are not aware of. Has the home been inspected to be sure how many times there were repairs done on the home?

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