Importance of Keeping Your Basement Dry This Winter

Importance of Keeping Your Basement Dry This Winter

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We often spend a lot of time winterizing our homes, from storm windows to roof repair. But what about the basement? Our basements and the very foundation of our homes need care, too.

Winter is the harshest when it comes to taking a toll on our homes. That is reason enough to make sure your home is protected during the deep freeze of winter.

Why You Need to Keep Your Basement Dry This Winter

The winter month sees more indoor activity, and that includes our basements. Whether you have it completely finished or use it for storage, it is still important to keep it dry.

Mold and Mildew

Without sun and heat, mold and mildew can start forming rather quickly. They can actually get to a formidable size before you even notice. It can start to cause a very bad odor and get into materials, like carpet, clothing, and furniture.

The smell and the mold can be dangerous and almost impossible to get rid of the smell. Warm dry spaces will help protect your basement from mold. It can damage furniture and clothing so badly, you will need to throw them away.


You may find leaks coming through various parts of your basement. If there are weak spots in the foundation, groundwater, melted snow, runoff from the eaves, or even a burst pipe can really make a mess.

The temperature can really fluctuate during the cold seasons, causing excessive amounts of water to flow and then freeze again. Even during a cold day, the sun’s heat can melt ice or snow, causing it to run into the basement.

If the leaks get bad enough, they can damage floors, carpets, seep into the electrical system, causing elecgtric shock, power outages, and damaging the appliance, as well.


There are always going to be small cracks in your foundation. You can see them in the walls, ceilings, around doors or windows, and on the steps. Small cracks left to their own devices are not much of a problem.

But in the winter, with the fluctuating weather, water can build up in the cracks, melt, freeze, melt again. Ice takes up more space than water, so it will need space to grow. These cracks with ice can lead to much bigger problems.

Weakens The Foundation

When water or moisture gets into the cracks, holes, and pockets of the concrete, it can cause bigger problems and bigger holes. Between the water freezing and melting, plus water moving about in the cracks and around the base of the foundation, there can be a lot of damage.

Once the foundation gets damaged, there may be shifting occurring. Door and window frames get damaged or cracked, floors can slope or you may even have a wall break or collapse completely.

Consider Waterproofing Your Basement

A few leaks or cracks can get really expensive. If you do get damage from dampness or water, get it cleaned right away. The best way to prevent dampness in your basement is to get it professionally waterproofed.

Why not trust the professionals at Olson Foundation Repair? When you contact us for basement waterproofing, you can feel confident water will be unable to seep into your basement and sit around the foundation’s edges.

Using the right waterproofing techniques, you will have a structurally sound foundation and a basement that will last for the duration of your home. The best cure is prevention.