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How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Foundation?

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It’s no secret that concrete will expand and contract according to the weather. When you add moisture to the fray, it can end up causing a lot of damage. It’s also common knowledge that concrete has cracks, holes, and often, hidden pockets or gaps. These occur naturally but when you add extreme weather, they can only get worse. There is always going to be moisture around your foundation, which can get in these openings. Once the cold weather comes, it can freeze the water that is found in your foundation, freeze the water or moisture that has seeped into the cracks, and make these problems much bigger.

Soil and Moisture

There is always going to be water seeping into the soil around your home. In the fall, if there is a lot of rain, this causes the soil to expand. The extra water will need more space, as well.

Once these elements start to push against your wall, they can start to cause structural damage. If you are unaware these events are taking place, once it all freezes, it can start to cause the foundation to bow, shift, or even collapse.

The alternation between thawing and freezing can cause all the water and the sold to continually expand and contract. You can imagine what this can do to your foundation.

The soil near the top will freeze first. You may think the ground is solid but there is still moisture and pooling water down deeper. This can cause the shifting of a foundation.

Mold and Mildew

Once the moisture starts to get in, there will almost always be a build-up of mold and mildew. This will make the smell set in permanently and also get into clothing, carpets, and furniture. If there are any wood frames or baseboards, they can rot and fall apart.

Mold and mildew can make your whole family sick and it can be very difficult to get rid of. Once it has been in there, it is far more likely to return.


Early morning frost also may be damaging your home’s foundation. Frost applies pressure to your foundation wall, even more so if your basement is not used or heated. If the foundation isn’t too deep, the frost can cause it to lift out of the ground. This will have a devastating result on the house.


Every time the temperature drops and then rises again, this cycle will continue to make the situation worse. The pressure of the water pushing against the walls will eventually start to seep through.

You may not notice it right away but the moisture will travel through the porous concrete fairly quickly. It can lead to structural damage, electrical problems, floods, and ruined household items.

Shifting Foundation

With too much shifting in the foundation, this can end up damaging the rest of the house. Floors can start to sag in certain areas, door and window frames get cracks, gaps, or spaces.

This shifting or, worse, having walls collapse due to the cold will have a rippling effect throughout the entire house. Once the foundation is compromised, it can start to fall apart pretty rapidly.

Trust The Experts

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