How Do Basement Drainage Systems Work?

How Do Basement Drainage Systems Work?

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Let’s look at how basement drainage systems work for residential homes. Solid drainage infrastructure is one of the most fundamental components of any house or building. When you don’t have reliable drainage, you’re almost guaranteed to have flooding, cracks, wood rot, water stains, warped floors, leaks, and other aggravations.

If you think your basement is vulnerable to damage, then contact us for a free inspection where we can explore effective drainage solutions.

Basement Drainage Systems: Interior Drain-Tile Installation

There are a few ways to approach the problem when water enters your home frequently. Our favorite method is to install an interior drain-tile system, which ties into a sump pump, allowing it to pump the water away from the basement or foundation area. This catches all the water running down the foundation walls or underneath the floors, hence waterproofing your home from every direction.

How do we build an interior drain-tile system?

First, we go along the perimeter of the home (where the water is entering), and dig enough area to lay down a trench. Then we insert a perforated pipe, cover it with gravel, and seal it with concrete. Finally, we connect this with a sump pump, which pumps out all the water from around the home.

Other Effective Basement Drainage Systems

We can also seal leaks and cracks with an epoxy injection. That works best if you catch the problem early when the cracks are still small (about ⅛ inch wide).

We also install window-well drains when you have trouble with window wells filling with water. Those also tie into a sump pump connection.

On the outside of the home, we can put together an exterior drain-tile system or a waterproofing membrane. The membrane option is available whenever you have a fully finished basement where you want to avoid damaging or going through the walls. It’s a reliable way to reinforce them from the outside.

How long does it take to perform drain-tile projects?

If you need 10 feet of drain tile, then that’s a quick task we can complete within a day. For more complicated projects, with 150 feet of drain tile, it might take three to five days to do everything.

Outside waterproofing normally takes a little longer because it requires more excavation. Plus, if it rains, that can delay things, but usually not for terribly long.

Always Hire a Pro for Drainage Solutions

You’ve heard us say it before, but it bears repeating: always hire a professional for basement waterproofing. There are several reasons this is true.

  • Since foundation and waterproofing is a rare trade, it helps to find somebody who has the wherewithal to do it. Otherwise, you risk making things worse by trying to “DIY” serious renovation tasks.
  • It’s also safer because whenever there’s trench digging, there’s the potential for it to cave in on you, which is dangerous even for smaller residential applications.
  • It’s always more cost-effective to deal with drainage issues earlier. In the long run, it saves you money to implement a simpler solution rather than wait for things to get worse. Otherwise, reality may force you to pay for more extensive repairs later.

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