What Qualifications Should a Foundation Repair Contractor Have?

What Qualifications Should a Foundation Repair Contractor Have?

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You should always investigate the qualifications and credentials of a foundation repair contractor before hiring them. There’s plenty of buyer’s remorse that comes from selecting the wrong repair crew and having to live with subpar workmanship. We don’t think you should settle for that.

Olson Repair Foundation has built a strong reputation through excellent service, but we’d like to show you precisely what you should look for in a reliable foundation repair company.

Good Workers Are The Backbone

If you get the chance to watch the way construction crew members work before hiring them, then you’ll notice certain characteristics among the better ones. Strong workers comprise the backbone of any good operation. It’s a young man’s game, so physical fitness and strength are some of the most important qualifications.

Drive and energy are the other huge components, although all of these meld together. This is dirty work, you have to lift 80 pounds of material some days, and there are a variety of skills to master. Our guys have to know how to read a tape measure, interact with customers (even when it gets awkward), troubleshoot tricky situations, and remember that no two homes are alike.

So, if you have plenty of drive and the right attitude, we’d love to hire you. If you’re a homeowner looking for the right construction contractor, then you should expect to see these characteristics.

Foundation Repair is a Rare Trade

This is one of the few trades that you would learn almost entirely on the job. While we have company training, you won’t find a high school or college courses related to foundation repair. Most of our crews start at the bottom and learn from the more experienced guys.

The biggest indicators of success in our line of work are drive and punctuality. Mental and physical dexterity go a long way as well. It takes a long time to understand what to do with complex tasks like foundation piering, wall bracing, or waterproofing a basement.

Finding a Solid Foundation Repair Contractor

So far, we’ve covered what you see from the guys on the crew, but what about the contract company itself? Here, we have to look at broader business viability with things like warranty promises, licensing, and so forth. These are just a few signs of a good repair contractor.

Look for These Four Important Indicators

  1. Thorough Cost Estimates
    We can show you a detailed outline of what a project entails, how long it would take, and estimate the material and labor costs. This is true of quicker projects like fixing small cracks or greater tasks like drain-tile installation.
  2. Clear & Substantial Warranty Programs
    Customers have the right to know how long a foundation solution will last. That’s why we have service warranties for everything we do, which specify the minimum duration lengths of a particular task. Good repair contractors will honor these and make adjustments if you discover problems within the warranty window.
  3. Long-Lasting Reputation
    Nobody wants to deal with a “fly-by-night” business that hasn’t been around for very long. It’s not worth rolling the dice with a new business that doesn’t have much local name recognition. Olson Foundation Repair has been around since the 1980s, so it won’t be hard to find out about us.
  4. Positive Testimonials
    Of course, being around for a long time isn’t the best metric if a business can’t furnish positive feedback from previous customers. You should ask to see this when you meet with one of our representatives during an initial consultation.

Call Olson Foundation Repair for Outstanding Workmanship on Your Kansas City Home

As long as we pay attention to these business practices, Olson Foundation Repair is confident we can provide outstanding services that surpass the competition. As we said, we always hire and train hard workers with plenty of drive and aspiration. That’s how you know you’ll get somebody good when you meet with us for an initial inspection.

So, contact us today if you want to work with the best foundation repair contractor in the Kansas City metro area.

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