How is Commercial Foundation Repair Different from Residential?

How is Commercial Foundation Repair Different from Residential?

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We provide an array of effective services for both residential and commercial foundation repair. Kansas City businesses need to have sturdy foundational support just as much as residential homes. Therefore, you should contact Olson Foundation Repair if you own a business and have problems with leaks, water intrusion, shifting or settling, or any other significant framework trouble.

Key Differences Between Residential & Commercial Foundation Repair

We don’t do commercial work as often as home repair, but we have done significant projects for large industrial sites and apartment complexes. Olson Foundation Repair prefers the residential niche as more of a family-oriented small business. We enjoy delivering customer satisfaction and peace of mind to folks with genuine concerns over the stability of their home.

The major contrast between residential and commercial buildings is the size and reinforcement of the underlying surface materials and other components. Kansas City homes have larger walls and bigger footings for support. This is also a general trend in other places.

The other big difference with the commercial repair is the client interaction process. It’s much simpler to work with homeowners because it’s usually a one-on-one relationship between them and one of our representatives. Commercial properties are much more complex because we would have to get the input of not only the business owner but also any other property owners. Complex jobs always involve interacting with all the relevant subcontractors as well.

Furthermore, commercial buildings have an even greater volume of codes and regulations, which require local inspectors and compliance oversight. As you can imagine, this extends the length of the repair task to accommodate everyone’s input and review.

Residential Homes Endure More Wear & Tear

Yes, it’s true that industrial locations exert a lot of pressure on their foundations, but, by and large, residential homes experience more wear and tear per square foot. When you have lots of foot traffic in such a small area, you’re bound to wear out your framing and floors much quicker. We find that commercial properties have things spread out more, which can allow for a longer life cycle for foundations.

So, while our specialty is residential foundation repair, we’ll look at anything. We occasionally hear from local business owners who seek our expertise and feedback for some of their problems, and we’re always happy to help.

Commercial Foundation Repair Tasks & Typical Cost Figures

If you’re running a business and have financial concerns, then don’t forget to check out this resource on foundation repair costs. This will give you some insight into the price ranges for projects such as pier post installation, wall bracing, and minor crack repair.

As a rule of thumb, you can expect the following variables to influence the costs of a particular repair task: 1) The type of foundation in your business, and 2) The nature and extent of the damages. While we have to approach commercial and residential properties somewhat differently, the basics of installing wall bracing, basement waterproofing, or drain-tile systems are similar.

For slight problems like fixing wall cracks, you can probably foot the bill out-of-pocket for a few hundred dollars. If you’ve had serious damage from flooding or busted pipes, you can finance repairs through your insurance provider.

Olson Foundation Repair: Kansas City’s Most Reliable Contract Repair Company

If you decide to work with us, we can schedule an initial consultation and determine the precise cost estimates as well as the duration of the repair work. All of our services come with reliable warranties, our technicians have years of experience, and we possess all the relevant licensing, bonding, and insurance.

The best part is that we’ll get the work done the first time even if other companies left you with subpar workmanship. We received critical acclaim from online rating groups like BloggerLocal, who rate us as one of the Best Foundation Repair Companies in Kansas City.

Contact us today for outstanding residential and commercial foundation repair.

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