How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost

How much does foundation repair cost? Average costs for foundation repair run between $1800 and $4000. However, depending on the circumstances, you might pay $500 for repairing minor cracks and $10,000 for major projects like underpinnings. Anything you have done with your foundation requires some planning, so you know the costs.

One of the most important things to remember about foundation repair is that minor problems may worsen over time. The costs associated with foundation repair may seem high, but letting them go may make them worsen over time. Read on to learn more about foundation repair costs and what to expect.

What Are Some Common Factors in Foundation Repair and Costs?

Some of the factors that might influence your foundation repair costs include:

  • The type of damage
  • The extent of the damage
  • Your foundation type
  • Whether the building is residential or commercial

Another important consideration is how much does foundation repair cost? is whether you want to take advantage of strengthening options. Foundation cracks and other issues might be ongoing without mitigation efforts of some kind. The good news is that mitigation efforts are often successful in preventing future problems.

When You Do Certain Repairs

Cracks exceeding 1/8” in width require repair; however, these repairs are relatively simple, involving silicone or similar patching materials injected into the crack. These repairs average around $500 because of their simplicity. If you notice any of your cracks growing wider, you may need to have a professional look into whether you’re at risk for future problems that include structural damage.
Bowing basement walls can show that there is excess moisture and that you have poor soil conditions. Added bracing and clay soil treatment might be necessary. Costs for braces and reinforcing strips average $350-$1000 apiece.

Leaking foundations will require sealing or waterproofing, along with the crack repair. This type of repair is more complex, involving an excavator, cement infilling for the cracks, and waterproofing membranes for the building’s interior. $2000-$6000 is the average cost of this repair.

Sinking foundations usually require mud jacking or piers for optimal results. Adding piers costs $1000-$3000 at a minimum. However, sinking foundations often signal a need for further repairs, so this is a conservative estimate.

How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost and Does Insurance Help?

When you ask what foundation repair costs are and find the answer, you might fervently hope that insurance covers the costs. The bad news is that most policies don’t include foundation repairs in their coverage. The explanation is that fixing foundation cracks is considered routine maintenance because settling or shifting causes most cracks.

When foundation cracks happen because of an event your policy covers, your insurance may pay for the repairs. Examples might include pipe bursts or flood damage if your policy provides flood coverage.

Now is the Time to Repair Your Foundation

It’s easy to put off home repairs sometimes because so much is involved, but your foundation is not a matter where you want to wait. Foundation cracks allow water penetration and generally worsen over time. Unrepaired cracks can lead to structural damage over time, affecting your home’s value.

Foundation cracks can also contribute to energy loss, leaving you with higher utility bills. The more you spend on higher energy costs, the less you will have to allocate to fixing your foundation. This is a vicious cycle you want to avoid.

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