Does Your Crawl Space Need Repair? Here’s How You Can Tell

Does Your Crawl Space Need Repair? Here’s How You Can Tell

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Our crawl spaces are not usually at the forefront of our minds. But they need to be checked on from time to time. If there are problems with your crawl space that go unnoticed, they will eventually become larger problems.

Some problems will be very obvious and others will not. That’s why it is important to have it inspected closely, regularly. It will be much more expensive and can spread the damage to other areas of the home.

Signs of problems To Watch for in Your Crawl Space

Regular inspection of your crawl space will make sure there are no problems that get out of control.

Water or Moisture

If there is standing water on the floor of your crawl space, you need to find out where it came from. It could be from poor drainage or leaking pipes. Look for areas that have damp spots or patches, as well. That is an indication of bigger problems about to happen.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can easily form whenever there is standing water or high moisture levels, or humidity inside your crawl space.

Mold and mildew will eventually circulate through the rest of your home which will irritate anyone with allergies or respiratory problems. It’s also not healthy for anyone to be breathing it in. You should hire a professional to have it removed and cleaned.

Sagging Floors

Sloping or sagging floors could be a sign you have a weakened foundation. This is often caused by water damage that rots the beams underneath your home. At the first sign of sloping or sagging floors, you should have the floor repaired and the foundation checked for damage.

Bad or Strange Odors

If you notice a strange odor coming from your crawl space, get it checked out. Musty smells, mold, rot, damp, or anything that smells unusually should be checked right away.

Make sure there is no water damage or that an animal hasn’t set up home underneath, or worse, died in there. If there is access to it from a small space from the outside, then they may get in there and make a real mess.

Higher Humidity

If moisture builds up inside your crawl space, it can cause humidity levels inside your home to be higher than normal. Indications could be condensation building up on the inside of your windows or the outside of metal appliances.

Check pipes for condensation, mold or mildew on the walls or around carpets, wallpaper or paint peeling off, or an increase of musty odors around the home.

Increase in Your Energy Bill

If there has been a gradual increase in your electric bill, it could be due to poor air circulation or high humidity levels inside your crawl space. The higher humidity levels will force your HVAC system to run more than it should, which will show up on your energy bill.

Poor insulation inside or around your crawl space could also cause the bill to go up as it tries to heat or cool the area. Animals can get in and damage the insulation, which will cause the area to need more heat or cool air.

Regular Maintenance

Keeping an eye on your crawl space can help keep larger problems at bay. If you have problems underneath your home or need repairs, call the experts at Olson Foundation Repair.

The longer you wait to call for service, the worse the issue will become, and the more challenging it will be to repair it correctly. Get your crawl space inspected and repaired before it gets any worse.