Does Foundation Repair Add Value to My Home?

Does Foundation Repair Add Value to My Home?

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Foundation Repair can often add substantial value to your home, especially when you’re having trouble attracting a home buyer. We help homeowners address foundation issues like settlement and other damages whether they choose to remain there or put their house on the market. Here’s what you should know about foundation work and its impact on home value.

Examples of Foundation Repair & The Impact on Home Value

The value you derive from a repair service always depends on the severity of the work. Some things do more to boost home value than others.

Egress window wells, for example, are a fast and effective way to add value to your home. If you’re trying to finish your basement, you’ll need to install a fire escape, and one of the best options involves installing an egress window well. They add so much value because they solve water intrusion problems, keep your residence compliant with safety codes, and give your basement exterior lots of aesthetic enhancement.

There are many other small-scale and large-scale foundation projects. Generally, we wouldn’t categorize the smaller projects as home-value builders, but some of the bigger items contribute substantially. This is true for homeowners who need to address water/leaking problems or sentiment issues. Left unattended, those problems can make it much harder to sell a home in Kansas City.

Other Ways to Approach Foundation Issues & Add Home Value

Then there are other tasks like grading, landscaping, and other ways to improve your foundation and its position on the soil. Even planting trees and bushes can help a lot if all you need is more curb appeal.

Remember, however, that without a proper soil grade, your home may suffer from excessive pressure on the foundation structures, inevitably leading to cracks and stresses. That alone makes soil grading one of most important upgrade options since cracks only get worse over time.

Finally, we could say that addressing foundation problems is like doing consistent vehicle maintenance: both improve your reputation in the eyes of a potential buyer. If someone wants to buy a home, and you can show them you’ve done foundational work within the last 5 to 15 years, they’ll be much more interested in buying.

Reliable Foundation Improvement Lasts a Long Time

Many of those major renovations can last for over 20 years, assuming you utilize an expert repair service like ours. This goes for both the manufacturer and service warranties and as a realistic expectation for foundational lifespan. Warranties for the larger projects last for 10 years or longer, but we’ve seen vertical wall restraints remain in solid condition for 25 years.

This is obviously important if you go to sell your home. It allows you to show the buyer that they won’t have to spend their own money on repairs for a while. As usual, just make sure you get this work done properly with Olson Foundation Repair.

Contact Olson Foundation Repair for Effective Foundation Solutions in Kansas City

We’re at your service for any foundation renovation, big or small, for residents in the Kansas City metro area. We recommend contacting us for a free service quote before you decide to stage or sell your house. It’s a great way to enter the seller’s market much more confident.

Olson has been in business since the 1980s offering KC homeowners reliable service on everything from drainage solutions and basement waterproofing to crack repair and wall bracing. Our dedicated workmanship has earned a positive standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), trade groups like ECP, and plenty of glowing reviews from past clients. That’s what you get from a family-owned business, with guys that always arrive on time, who have all the proper licensing for difficult work, and offer guaranteed quality.

Contact us today to discover several ways foundation repair can augment home value.

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