How Long Does Foundation Repair Last?

How Long Does Foundation Repair Last?

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We get a lot of questions regarding the durability of a good foundation repair. Many homeowners want to know how much life expectancy they can get out of such a large investment. This is understandable, and we’d like to shine some light on that topic.

Warranties & Expectations for Common Repair Jobs

There are two ways to anticipate the duration of foundation work: the project warranty and the potential life expectancy, assuming quality workmanship. In other words, we set the bar at one level as a guarantee for our work (with the warranty), but expect things to last longer based on experience.

Let’s say that your walls are cracking and caving in on you, and you need to install vertical wall restraints. That’s a big job sometimes, one that many homeowners put off for a while, often at their peril. However, upon completion, Olson Foundation Repair offers a 10-year warranty, which means you can call us back if you find problems during that time frame. In reality, solid wall restraints will probably last about 25 years.

Other Common Repairs

What about drain-tile systems? Our company does those with a 15-year warranty, but they can last much longer as well. We’ve done drain-tile renovations 20 years ago that have never needed further assistance.

We can also put in adjustable posts with 5-year warranties and steel piers for 25-year guarantees. The bottom line is that with attention to detail, clean work, and no cutting corners, your foundation treatment can last multiple decades.

Big Company Work from a Small, Family-Oriented Business

Our goal is to do exceptional work and never need to come back for additional problems (though we will if necessary). We’re a small company that does everything that a bigger business can do. The major difference is that we usually have to clean up the problems that bigger repair companies create or overlook.

Alas, we hear from many Kansas City residents that experience significant frustration over poor installation. That’s why we vouch to do everything cleanly with a trained crew that will show up on time. We’ve enjoyed over 30 years of business and never get overwhelmed with warranty orders because of this commitment.

Finding a Reliable Company for Foundation Repair

Since we mentioned the problem of questionable workmanship, we should also give a few pointers on finding a reliable repair company. Look for these positive characteristics the next time you’re looking for a service company.

  • They’ve been in business for a while (we started in 1986).
  • When you meet with them for a consultation, they’ll give you a free estimate without pressuring you into anything.
  • The representative should be able to supply testimonials and references that vouch for their previous work.
  • They have a solid local reputation.
  • You should also ask to see insurance information and make sure that it hasn’t expired.
  • The representative should be able to give you a rough sketch of what the project will entail, including how long the repair work will last.

If you can’t get a positive affirmation on these matters, then it’s risky to proceed with that company. Our business makes these an important point of emphasis every time we meet with prospective clients.

Olson Foundation Repair: Kansas City’s Best Contract Repair Business

So, the easiest way to assure a long-term ROI for a repair job is to select a family-oriented and meticulous contractor like Olson Foundation Repair. Besides the services we mentioned, we can remedy the effects of water erosion with solutions like basement waterproofing.

We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured to do all these tasks. Plus, we receive accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) along with good-standing membership with Midwest Foundation Supply. Most of our business comes from customer referrals because excellent service work cannot remain a secret for long.

You can call us anytime to get a free estimate on foundation repair for your home in Kansas City.

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