Will a Kansas City Foundation Repair Ruin My Home’s Landscaping?

Will a Kansas City Foundation Repair Ruin My Home’s Landscaping?

will kansas city foundation repair ruin homes landscaping

It is no secret that having your foundation repaired can be a big job. Whether it ruins your landscape will depend on what you are having done and how severe your problems are.

If you have caught the problems early enough, you should expect minimal damage. Obviously, they will have to dig, and that will have an impact on your yard and garden.

We will start by emphasizing how important regular inspections and maintenance are for your homes’ foundation. The more vigilant you are about keeping your foundation in great shape, the better off you will be.

Will a Kansas City Foundation Repair Ruin My Home’s Landscaping?

Well, ruin, not always. Disturb, yes. If you have shrubs, flowerbeds, or trees close to the areas that are in need of repair, then you can expect them to be disrupted, moved, or removed.

A large tree may be removed altogether and replanted somewhere else around the yard. You ideally don’t want large trees close to the house, anyhow, as they can cause damage to the foundation, the roof, break windows, attract animals, and leave a mess on paint or the finish on your house.

If the problems are found early and not too severe, then you should expect a small disruption. There is almost no way we can access the damage without removing the plants in front of it.

This doesn’t mean that you should never plant flowers or plants close to the foundation. They can actually help preserve your foundation by protecting the area and adding well-needed moisture.

Of course, uprooting a large tree isn’t something that anyone wants to do when they already have a big job in front of them. We will try our best to make sure that we have a minimal impact on your landscaping.

However, if you need to have the tree removed, it will also remove the chances of the tree causing more damage to that area. Flowerbeds and larger trees can add to the damage to your foundation.

They may flood the soil underneath, the roots of the trees can absorb moisture from the soil, and large, deep roots can cause the foundation to crack and lift. You’ve seen a sidewalk being lifted by tree roots, they can do the same to your house.

If you do have to have trees or shrubs removed, it’s a great opportunity to make sure everything is put back in better condition. Replant the tree further from the house, if possible, to still enjoy it.

Larger trees may not survive the uprooting, so we do try to avoid removing them if at all possible. It just adds to the work, the cost, and the mess. The good news is that it may be the fault of the plants that are causing your foundation problems, anyhow.

While you have the repairs going, make sure you get all the other necessary improvements done to make sure you can have a solid foundation and the yard, flowerbed, and garden of your dreams.

With a sloping yard, proper drainage, and the right plants, you can enjoy the landscaping knowing that it will not be causing damage to the foundation. Between your foundation repair team and your landscaper, you will be in great shape.

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