Signs Your Home Needs a Kansas City Drainage Solution

Signs Your Home Needs a Kansas City Drainage Solution

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There can be very obvious signs that your drainage system is not working properly. These issues can stem from plumbing problems to excessive rain and snow.

But if your yard is not draining correctly, it can lead to a lot of problems. Drainage affects the roof, the yard, the basement, the foundation, the entire interior of the home.

Signs Your Home Needs a Kansas City Drainage Solution

There can be very obvious signs you need to hire a Kansas City drainage contractors,  and other signs that are not so clear.

Pooling Water

Large or small pools of water in your yard, the lawn, the garden, or under the drain spouts can be signs of a problem. The water isn’t being removed or soaking in properly.

It can start to erode the foundation, cause the roots of trees or other plants to rot, flood the basement, and cause other water damage to places in the home it is near.

Clogged Drains or Gutters

If the gutters or drains are clogged and can’t remove the water properly, it will start to cause water damage to the roof, the walls, the basement, and the foundation.

It could be a matter of cleaning out the gutters, or something more serious. They may be installed wrong or the wrong size to accommodate the amount of rain it needs to send off.

Mold and Mildew

The smell or the appearance of mold and mildew is a sure sign there is too much moisture getting in. This might be a sign there is too much water pooling somewhere. Check the basement and the crawlspace to make sure there isn’t pooling water or a leak.


If your downspouts dump out too much water, it can push too much water at once, causing it to soak in around the foundation. This can soak in, move the soil, and even start to seep into the basement.

Damp Spots

You may notice damp spots on the walls in the basement, on the ceiling, or even on the floor. Too much water is settling around the foundation. It can start to eat away at the concrete, causing cracks that will lead to leaks and flooding, if left unattended.

There may be damp areas on the roof, in the carpet, swelling woodwork, and even excess humidity in the home. This can make doors and windows stick, wooden cupboards squeak and not fit, and the small of damp or mold.

Cracks in the Foundation

Small cracks are quite normal, but if you notice larger cracks, this should be a concern. You may see moisture around the cracks, as well. This can be concrete or bricks.

Missing or cracked bricks are also a sign there is a problem. Your concrete steps may be cracking or loose. There may be slabs of concrete lifting up from the sidewalk. They may also be cracked or loose to step on.

Shifting Soil

If the soil around your foundation and the base of your house is like mud and sliding away, this is also a sign you have a drainage problem. You may have mulch in the garden that you are also finding in the driveway or moving across the lawn.

Talk To The Kansas City Drainage Solution Pros

If you have any of these types of problems, you need to take action. Olson Foundation Repair can handle all your drainage problems. Poor drainage can result in the need for house leveling and foundation repair services, which is why we recommend investing in the proper drainage solutions.

If you need more information about drainage solutions to help prevent or repair foundation damage, call us today for an appointment.