When Is A Foundation Crack Beyond Repair?

When Is A Foundation Crack Beyond Repair?

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Foundation crack repair is an important service we offer because, almost all the time, there’s a solution that can restore the integrity of your support structures.

Is there ever a scenario where difficult cracks are totally beyond repair? That’s what we’ll explore in this article.

Are There Ever Foundation Crack Problems We Cannot Fix?

We like to think that we can fix most foundation issues. Of course, some problems are more difficult than others, but almost everything lends itself to some kind of repair solution.

Many of the home foundations with cinder block or stone (usually in older homes) weren’t built properly with sufficient rebar support and have lots of problems. It’s possible to find homes, perhaps over 70 years old, where the walls have completely caved in or collapsed. When this happens, we have to figure out a way to rebuild new support walls and other foundation items.

Where do some of the worst problems arise?

The soil beneath the surface (throughout our region) consists of clay, which either contracts or expands, depending on the season. In the winter, the clay will freeze and contract, but then thaw and expand in the summer. When this happens, it can have a detrimental effect on your home foundation, producing severe cracks and other damages.

Almost All Cracks or Damages Have Some Solution

Most homes around Kansas City have at least a few minor foundation cracks. If you see just a crack or two, you don’t have to let it scare you too much, but it might be time to call for an inspection.

Olson Foundation Repair can help you determine whether it’s going to turn into a more serious problem, and implement solutions if necessary. We give free evaluations that won’t cost you a thing, and will help you tell whether it’s just a cosmetic concern or a structural hazard.

Also, if you see a crack in the basement, we’ll have an answer for you about 99% of the time. Therefore, there are not many situations where a problem is “beyond repair.” We make it our mission to determine the root cause, inform you of the circumstances, and then fix problems.

Whatever you do, resist the urge to figure out a “DIY” solution to foundation damages. Since this is a rare trade, one that requires experience and expertise, you should involve the help of a trained repairman in order to achieve optimal results.

Some Other Pressing Foundations Issues You’ll Encounter

Finally, as a homeowner, it helps to have a rough idea about the most pressing foundation issues you might encounter. These are the problems you’re most likely to find:

  • Vertical Cracks – The cracks that run up-and-down are less serious than the sideways cracks, but can still cause trouble. These are the most common consequences of settlement beneath your property.
  • Horizontal or Diagonal Cracks – Then you also have horizontal cracks that result from inward wall movement. We often have to address these by installing vertical wall restraints to regain structural stability.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure – Water is a serious detriment to your foundation, and can lead to basement leaks or flooding. This can come from a variety of sources, including poor drainage, improper soil grading, and poorly positioned gutters.
  • Bowing or Buckling – This problem may coincide with those water issues. Bowing and buckling can also be another side effect of soil settlement.

If you see these issues and aren’t sure whether they’re serious, you’re welcome to call Olson Foundation Repair for a free inspection.

Call us Anytime for First-Rate Foundation Crack Repair

Rather than let a handyman mess with these issues, you can obtain much better results by working with a professional foundation repair company. At Olson Foundation Repair, this is the only thing we do, which is why we can confidently say that we can handle almost any issue.

You can verify our reputation by checking out the positive reviews we get from other residential homeowners around Kansas City. We also have a solid reputation, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Olson Foundation Repair also receives the distinction of “top company” for foundation repair from the business ranker, BloggerLocal.

If you’d like more assistance with foundation crack repair, then contact us anytime for fast and effective service in Kansas City.

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