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What Does a Leaning Chimney Mean?

Leaning a chimney

If your chimney is tilting or leaning to one side, it is bad news. It is potentially expensive and dangerous, as well. They may also be cracks, falling or missing bricks, and crumbling at the base.

There could be several reasons why your chimney is tilted, but the important thing is that you get it checked right away. The chances of extensive damage or injury are high.

Why is My Chimney Leaning?

While there are several reasons why the chimney is leaning, it is vital you call a repair service as soon as you notice it.

Poor Construction

There is a chance that the chimney was simply poorly constructed. This would be a relief, to be honest. If the chimney was not installed by professional masons, it could fall apart.

There is also a chase that the materials used are poor and less than standard. Cheap or substandard materials are cheap and plentiful. Poorly constructed chimneys using poor materials will not last.

Roof Problems

Your tilting chimney can also be a sign that your roof is in need of repair. If there are holes or gaps around the chimney and the roof, there can be moisture, water, animals, and decay inside.


If your home is older, the footing that holds the chimney in place may be deteriorating. It may not have been built properly to begin with, it may need reinforcing, or it is simply too small.

After some years, it is common that the footing will slowly come apart or form cracks. It is important to have your chimney and the roof inspected regularly.


The heat, rain, snow, and freezing cold will also take their toll on your chimney. The bricks and mortar can become weakened and cracked. The moisture can get inside and that will shrink and expand with the changing weather.

Foundation Problems

The foundation of your home depends on the soil around it to keep it steady. When the soil gets too wet or too dry, that can cause the foundation to shift. The foundation can be affected by many different factors.

If the drainage for excess water is not properly installed or functioning as it should. This can soak the soil around the foundation, causing it to move. As it moves or settles, so will the rest of the house.

If it only happens on one side, then you will have a slight tilt to your chimney. It can also cause the chimney to crack, pull away from the roof, wall, or siding, weaken the mortar, and cause the bricks to break or crumble.

Start With an Inspection

With luck, the problem won’t be expensive or require a lot of work. However, chimney repair and foundation repair can be rather extensive. As soon as you notice a problem with your chimney, call someone to inspect it.

Keep in mind, your chimney is very heavy. If it runs the entire height of your house, it can pull away and cause any amount of damage. If it is connected to a fireplace inside the home, a damaged chimney can also cause a great deal of structural damages.

Call The Pros

If the problem is your foundation, it is vital you have it inspected and repaired as soon as possible. Problems with the foundation will lead to more problems all over the home.

Olson Foundation Repair can help you with your foundation problems, find the cause of your tilting chimney, and find a solution. At Olson Foundation Repair, they focus on honest work, job safety, and competitive pricing.