What are the Signs of Mold Growth in My Basement?

What are the Signs of Mold Growth in My Basement?

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Have you noticed signs of mold growth in your basement or crawlspace?

This is a very serious problem you cannot afford to brush off for too long. Mold contributes to a multitude of health problems, and it spreads fast. Olson Foundation Repair can help you address this significant problem by waterproofing your basement, thus eliminating one of the most common root causes of the problem.

Signs of Mold Growth – How Foundation Repair Companies Resolve It

This often stems from a water issue in the basement. Our company spends a lot of time addressing water problems by installing sump pump pits, drain-tile systems, and other solutions. Most of the time, if you can limit the level of water and humidity in your home, you won’t have as much difficulty with mold.

Ordinarily, it’s not too hard to tell there’s a mold infestation. You’ll find obvious warning signs such as musty smells, black stains, humid basements, and wallpaper or paint peeling. If things become excessive, you might even experience increased allergies or other illnesses.

The problem with mold may even be worse if you have a porous cinder-block foundation wall. Those tend to be the most susceptible to moisture. Fortunately, there are things we install, like wall wraps, designed to mitigate the amount of exposure to water in certain areas of the house.

Do Humidifiers Help Much?

Can you avoid this trouble by using humidifiers?

We don’t take this approach as often. That’s not because it’s entirely ineffective, but we find they work better in stone basements or cinder block basements. Our predominant strategy is to implement ways to seal off your basement from water, and/or devise ways to drain and expel it from your home.

What to do When There Are Obvious Signs of Mold Growth?

What should you do if you find mold in your basement?

The first step is to call a mold specialist or remediation company to remove it safely from your property. Following that, it would help to get a foundation repair specialist involved as well. That’s because you’ll want to address both issues: 1) mold overgrowth and 2) the damage it does to your foundation materials.

Olson Foundation Repair can help, but it’s also essential to call a mold company if there’s still molded wood, walls, and so forth. Until you eliminate all of it, the mold is bound to return and spread into other parts of the house.

Other Ways Water Can Ruin Your Foundation or Basement

Along with leaky roofs and broken plumbing pipes, there are a variety of ways water can enter your home and wreak havoc all over the place. It’s easy to sustain serious damages like wall cracks, leaks, efflorescence, crumbling materials, warped floorboards, and other troubles.

This is why if you ever buy a house with a basement, one of the first things you should do is make sure it is waterproof. It’s also important to ensure that the home has proper drainage (directed away from the foundation) and soil grading.

Olson Foundation Repair: Get Help with Basement Waterproofing in Kansas City

We hope you never have to deal with mold and other leak-related troubles. It can affect your health, damage expensive materials, and contribute to many other frustrations. Olson Foundation Repair is Kansas City’s dedicated expert for foundation repair, waterproofing, and other structural interventions, which can halt mold growth.

So, don’t mess around with DIY fixes for these issues. It’s also never a smart idea to rely on handyman solutions. Always use professional services from licensed and bonded contractors to make sure things are done correctly.

Finally, if you notice any of those signs of mold growth in your basement, contact Olson Foundation Repair ASAP for waterproofing.

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