What Are The Different Types of Drainage Systems?

What Are The Different Types of Drainage Systems?

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Today, let’s explore some of the most effective types of drainage systems you can install for your home in Kansas City. This is an important topic for homeowners who struggle with water intrusion, especially for houses with basements. So, check out this helpful outline of how Olson Foundation Repair handles drainage solutions for residential homes.

Interior Drain-Tile Systems

There are several ways to approach water drainage, but there are some tasks we do more often than others. Our favorite technique is to install an interior drain-tile system, one that ties into a sump pump, and pumps the water out of the home.

This works to catch all the water running down the foundational wall or running along the floor. We accomplish this by breaking a trench open around the perimeter of the home, put a perforated pipe into the floor, cover it with gravel, and seal it with concrete. There are several advantages to selecting this drainage technique:

  • It’s a comprehensive solution that relieves hydrostatic pressure, catches all the groundwater, and prevents seepage. If you install an interior drain-tile system, you won’t have to add any subsequent features later down the road.
  • Despite some moderate renovation, it’s pretty cost effective.
  • You don’t have to endure lots of exterior excavation. The process is simple and minimally invasive.

Other Types of Drainage Systems

Of course, not every problem requires an entirely new drainage system. Epoxy injections, for example, are a simpler way to address wall cracks if you catch them while they’re still small.

When a basement floods or the window wells start to fill with water, we can install window-well drains that tie into an interior system. Also, for smaller cracks, we can address them from the exterior by digging into the footing, and putting in a drain-tile system along the exterior.

There are also ways to protect finished basements, even when you can’t break through the walls. In those situations, we can install an interior membrane or seal the cracks from the outside.

What about excessive surface water all along the side of your home?

There’s something called a French drain, or surface drain, that can collect the water rather than allow it to sit there (and inevitably invade your home). We can also make the grade higher and guarantee proper sloping. French drain systems can’t catch everything, however. So, in severe cases, the best course of action is still the interior drain-tile system.

The Cost of Doing Nothing to Address Water Intrusion

In case you can’t already tell, water intrusion is something you can’t afford to ignore. The cost of improper drainage is significant when you have to deal with the inevitable damages to the rest of your home’s foundation. If you allow standing water to creep into your home, you may encounter problems like:

  • Mold & Mildew
  • Erosion of the soil, including important nutrients for your trees and plants
  • Increased susceptibility to basement flooding
  • Other foundation damages such as bowing or cracking walls

So, if you’d rather avoid these expensive problems, we recommend getting on top of water leaks and intrusion while they’re still minor problems.

Olson Foundation Repair Can Install All Types of Drainage Systems

Olson Foundation Repair is Kansas City’s top service company for drainage solutions, basement waterproofing, and other foundation maintenance. We’ve built a reputation, since 1986, of implementing permanent solutions to all the aggravating water problems homeowners face.

Since foundation repair is a unique business with lots of hard work and technical knowledge involved, you don’t want to entrust a major project to a regular handyman. Our staff has lots of experience fixing foundation issues that stem from sentiment erosion, poor grading, storm damage, and other difficult conditions. Plus, we have loads of customer feedback that attests to our expertise and dedicated services.

We hope you enjoyed this information on the different types of drainage systems and will contact us whenever you need help waterproofing your home.

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