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The Vital Role of a Sump Pump

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Did you know that one of the most important pieces of equipment needed to protect your basement and your foundation is a sump pump? Many homeowners don’t.

Your sump pump is a very small electrical pump found in the basement or crawlspace beneath your home. It works to remove excess water that may appear from excess rain or a flood.

Your little sump pump can help save thousands of dollars worth of water damage repairs, as the water that settles in the basement can cause a lot of damage.

The Vital Role of a Sump Pump

Your sump pump is a vital part of keeping your home from water damage and flooding. It is most often placed in a pit that is dug especially just for it. It sits below the lowest level of the basement, in order to remove the water accumulating above it.

The excess water starts to accumulate around the pump, which is why it is at the lowest possible level. The pump can detect the rising levels of water and will automatically kick in to pump the water to the outside of the home.

The pipe the water is removed through has a value that prevents the water from flowing back into the home. Sump pumps either have a pressure sensor that detects the water or a float activator like the one in the back of your toilet. Most sump pumps use electricity and don’t require special wiring.

Pump Protection

Not only does the sump pump remove excess water, but it can also help stop a lot of the effects of excess or pooling water. There are alerts that the sump pump sets off to let the homeowner know there is a problem.

Even if the sump pump isn’t working it can send an alert. Many rely on technology and will actually send you a text, alert through an app, or a recorded phone message.

Mold and Mildew

Excess water causes damage and left to just sit that damage will just get worse. One of the first problems you may find is the beginnings of mold and mildew. They can make you and your family sick, and make a mess of your basement.

The presents of mold and mildew are their own problem, as they need to be removed and cleaned professionally. If it gets into furniture or carpeting, these items need to be discarded.

Structural Damage

The sump pump keeps your home safe from the damages of water. If the soil beneath starts to shift because it is too wet, the foundation can crack and crumble.

Even if the damage doesn’t get that far, your sump pump protects the wall coverings, your furniture, appliances, other belongings, and prevents pipes or other metals from rusting.

If you live in an area that has high humidity, is prone to flooding, or if your home has drainage problems, the sump pump will be able to take care of those concerns for you.

Sump Pump Maintenance

Sump pumps come in different sizes, so you need to check with a professional to know what will be best suited for your needs. If you get a lot of rain or flooding due to a heavy spring thaw, make sure your sump pump is in perfect working order.

Give us a call if you need any help with your sump pump or waterproofing in your basement. Here at Olson Foundation Repair we have been providing fairly priced, professional foundation repair and basement waterproofing services in Kansas City since 1986.