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Problems Caused by a Wet Basement

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A wet basement can cause all sorts of problems, and a big mess is just the beginning. Even just moisture or damp spots can turn into far bigger problems if they are not taken care of.

It can be difficult to keep basements completely dry as it is is, so if you find leaks or seepage, you should call someone to come in and inspect it and repair it right away.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can grow rather quickly. It is a smell you can’t really get rid of and it can also cause health concerns. People with allergies can have a severe reaction and it can also cause skin and eye irritations.

It can also lead to harmful bacteria growing and spreading around. This can make people sick, and once it gets into your woodwork, it can be almost impossible to get rid of.


If you have a finished basement, the moisture can ruin your floor covering, whether it is wood, linoleum, or tiles. It can soak and ruin your carpets and even soak through further, weakening the foundation underneath.

The floors may start to sag or crack. If left too long, they can crumble and start fo fall away. That oped up concerns for groundwater seeping in.


Too much moisture will seep into the corners and along the base of the walls. This can start to soak in and cause more structural damage to the walls and area connecting them to the floor.

It can soak into the wooden beams underneath, soak the insulation and cause damage to wiring behind the wall. Walls can start to swell, lean, or cave in altogether.

Electrical Concerns

If you have heavy appliances down in the basement, like a washer or dryer, or a beer fridge, they can get wet and stop working, short out, and even catch fire.

Wiring inside the wall can get wet and electricity and water do not play well together.

Personal Items

It can also contaminate your belongings, whether you use it for storage or have a den or rec room set up. If mold and mildew get in, then everything will need to be cleaned or thrown away.


It doesn’t take water very long to start causing some real damage. Small cracks can form and more damp patches of moisture start showing up. Pretty soon, you find the integrity of the home’s structure is in trouble.


If you are looking to sell the home, a prospective buyer is going to know right away if there is moisture or if there has been work done. This can not only bring the asking price down, it can halt the sale entirely.


Taking care of the home is the best way to avoid costly damages and repairs. Make sure everything is in perfect working order, from the roof to the basement.

Once the water starts getting in, it can cause all kinds of problems. Prevention is the best way to get out ahead of these concerns.

Get Inspections

From the roof to your plumbing, make sure all the water you have is where it should be. Gutters need to be in good repair to keep rainwater moving off the roof and away from the base of your foundation.

Call the experts at Olson Foundation Repair to come out and check everything out. Make sure there are no major problems and get the small ones fixed right away.

Get a free consultation and get those damages fixed so you can avoid wet basement problems and high repair costs.