Should You Buy a House with Known Foundation Issues?

Should You Buy a House with Known Foundation Issues?

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Buying a house is a big step. Whether you have experience with buying homes or are a first-time buyer, it’s a big undertaking. There can be all kinds of issues you are taking on and not even know it.

Once you have decided on a house to buy, you need to bring an inspector to view it with you. They will know what to look for when it comes to certain items that may cause problems down the road.

The roof, electrical problems, the foundation, the plumbing, they can all seem fine yet have hidden problems. Having the entire house inspected before you take possession is a worthwhile cost.

Better Deal

When it comes to foundation problems, if they are not glaringly obvious, then they are not likely dangerous. In fact, problems with the foundation can be an opportunity for you to get a better deal.

Your agent or the seller may be willing to knock off the price of what the repairs will cost. This is to your benefit. It’s also a better offer than the seller offering to have it done before they sell.

You never know what corners they may cut in order to get the home looking like it’s been fixed. They might get their brother-in-law with a bit of concrete to patch up some cracks, but that is not fixing the problem. That’s why the inspector is so important.

Is Faulty Foundation a Deal Breaker?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. If you are buying a fixer-upper, the price will already be quite reasonable. If you have the time and funds to get the repairs done, it can be a good deal.

It can be a great issue for negotiating a better deal on the home. Plus, if you are having them done yourself, you will know that they are done correctly and you can expect the foundation to last for many more years to come.

This is also an opportunity to get your dream house. If there are structural damages, there will be fewer people willing to put in a bid. It would be wise to find out how much the repairs will cost before settling on a selling price.

Signs of Repair

If it looks like there have been previous repairs or the home is very old, it’s important that you find out what you can. Most homeowners who have had repairs done will disclose this information.

It may be difficult for you to get a mortgage on a home in need of foundation repair, in particular, if you need to finance those repairs, as well. It may be more involved and take much longer.

What to Look For

There are some very obvious and not so obvious signs to watch for when you are looking at a house to buy.

  • Sagging or uneven floors
  • Doors and windows that won’t close properly or stick
  • Cracks in walls, over doorways and windows
  • Large cracks in concrete floors or walls
  • Basement walls that are bowing or have horizontal cracks
  • Mold or excessive moisture in basement or crawl space

If you see any of these or other issues, make sure you bring your inspector in to see them, if you are still interested in the home.

Trust The Experts

Trust the team at Olson Foundation Repair for your inspection and all the repairs you may need. Don’t let foundation problems keep you from buying your dream home.

From larger-scale projects to complicated smaller projects or simple repairs, we will ensure the job is done correctly, with careful planning and consideration. Contact us today.