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Problems that Come with Foundation Cracks

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Finding foundation cracks is quite common. However, the size of the cracks is important. Small, hairline cracks are quite common. If they are too big or left unrepaired, you can run into problems.

The location of the cracks is also important. This will determine who serious they are. These are not problems that will fix themselves, however, and need to be repaired before they get worse.

Problems that Come with Foundation Cracks

Cracks in your foundation are not always a warning sign there is a problem. They appear over time from the home settling, the soil underneath shifting, drainage problems, tree roots, age, and plumbing issues.

But left alone the cracks can cause bigger problems. Give your home a quick check for other issues that come from foundation cracks. Note the direction the cracks are going, as well.


If there are wide foundation cracks, they will allow moisture to get in. This will cause more damage to the foundation itself and start to seep into your basement.

This can lead to mold, mildew, rotting support beams, and damaged property being stored in the area. If left alone too long, you may need to discard all the items, and have the cracks repaired and a professional clean.

Sagging or Damaged Roof

Foundation cracks that are not repaired can cause the home to shift and tilt to one side. This will cause the roof to become shifted and damaged, as well. It can pull away, develop holes or cracks, and this can lead to leaks.

Slanting Floors

Noticeable sloping, sagging, or even holes can appear in the floor. If the house has been allowed to shift to one side, the floor will do so, too. It may even start to pull away from the walls or have gaps appear under cabinets.

There may also be lifting tiles, floorboards that creak, separate, or lift up, and cracks in your tiles. There could be a large patch where it is happening or just a few.

Cracked Walls and Ceilings

If you start to notice cracks along the walls or the ceiling, this could also come from cracks in the foundation. Once everything starts to shift, even a little, cracks can appear.

There may be a sagging area in the ceiling, the drywall may be bowed or cracking, and there could be cracks above doors, windows, in corners, around light fixtures, and countertops.

The floor and the walls can cause cabinets and counters to pull away from the wall. You may see spaces or gaps where the cabinets have pulled away, or appear to be tilting.

Sticking Doors and Windows

If you start to notice that doors or windows are not opening or closing properly, this can also be a sign there are problems with your foundation cracks.

Doors may also swing open and not stay in place. This can happen to passageway doors and cabinet doors, as well. Windows may not stay put, slide down or stick.

Chimney Tilting

Bricks may be falling off of your chimney, it may look like it is starting to tilt or pull away from the house or there could be bricks and mortar falling into the fire pit.

Foundation Cracks

Don’t take chances with foundation cracks. These can lead to real problems that are expensive to repair or replace. Call us here at Olson Foundation Repair for an inspection.

These cracks in your foundation can end up being very serious, so don’t take any chances and don’t try to repair them yourself. There could be deeper problems that need to be addressed.