Pro Tips for Taking Care of Your Kansas City Foundation this Spring

Pro Tips for Taking Care of Your Foundation this Spring

pro tips taking care your foundation spring kansas city

We often consider our foundations to be sturdy and durable, and they should be. But they can still benefit from a bit of attention to keep them that way and also in spring. They actually do a lot, like hold up a heavy house.

With a few small actions on your behalf, you can help keep your foundation from becoming weakened and damaged. Moisture and dryness are the two main reasons your foundation may have problems.

Pro Tips for Taking Care of Your Foundation this Spring

In the spring, snow and ice will melt and this can cause problems if you are not prepared.

Get Proper Grading

When your yard is flat, the water can seep in around and under your foundation. Get a landscaper to come in and make sure that your yard’s grading keeps the water from soaking into the base of your house and foundation walls. A good rule of thumb is to grade the terrain about 6 inches in 10 feet soil to slope away from your home.

Keep Drain Water Away From the House

If water is left to collect near the foundation, the soil will expand and put a lot of stress on the walls. Look into getting in-ground drains to help move pooling water away from the foundation.

Make sure your downspouts are pointed away from the home or that the water pours directly into some kind of receptacle, like a rain barrel.

Plant Trees Away From The Home

Larger trees and hedges will draw water away from the soil. This is important to remember when it is dry and hotter outside. If you are planting trees, make sure their roots will be far from the house.

For trees that are already in place should be watered during the dry weather. Let the water soak into the base of the tree and the base of your foundation. If you haven’t had any rain for several weeks, water at least twice a day to keep everything safe.

Embed Your Foundation

It’s important to keep a proper amount of compacted soil around the foundation. This will also help the soil stay damp enough during the dry months.

Try to embed your foundation up to 2 inches from the top of the foundation slab. Using mulch will help retain moisture. During the year, the soil shifts hardens, and, blows away.

Inspect Plumbing For Leaks

Leaks from your plumbing, swimming pool, or sprinkler system can cause leaks and damage your foundation. Call a plumber or HVAC professional to check your plumbing and look for leaks or potential leaks.

Something can be leaking for a long time and you may never know until damages or damp patches start to appear. Prevention is much cheaper and easier than repairs.

Make Small Repairs

If you find small cracks or crumbling stones, you can fill these in yourself. But any larger cracks or holes need to be looked at by a professional. Also, if there is any water, moisture, or damp patches, don’t make any repairs. You need to call your foundation team to check it out.

Trust The Pros

Contact us today to schedule an inspection and see if there are any potential problems that you should know about. It’s the best way to keep your foundation in top condition.

We can also let you know what you can do to keep it that way. A few simple actions from you will keep your foundation safe and secure for many years. Call Olson Foundation Repair with any questions, repair needs, and more.