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How to Prepare Your Foundation for Winter

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Our homes take a real beating during the winter months. The harsh winds, extreme cold, and temperature fluctuation can cause damage. That’s why it is important for you to get the house and foundation ready for winter.

You can’t stop the cold but you can prepare for it. Getting the house in shape to withstand the weather will make sure it is around for the next one. Here are a few steps you should take.

Get an Inspection

Get your foundation inspected early this winter. This should be a semi-annual event for your home. Before the cold weather sets in, you need to understand what is going on with your foundation.

A professional can spot areas where there may be potential problems. These problems may not be apparent to you but they know what to look for. They can tell right away what shape your foundation is in.

Get Repairs

If there are a few repairs needed, you should get them done. They may seem expensive but they are a bargain compared to having to get the problems fixed after they get worse.

Even small repairs can stop them from becoming larger problems. Once the winter has set in, you want to be secure that everything is going to hold up and not cause you problems.

Clean Up

Get rid of all the dried or wet leaves that may have gathered around the sides of your home. Remove any toys, garbage, or summer furniture and put them away. This will clear the way for you to see if there is anything hidden there.

Clean out your gutters and make sure they are in good working order. When the weather flips between mild and freezing, melted snow from the roof needs to run off. You don’t want it gathering around the base of your foundation.

Clean the basement and check for signs of damp, mold, mildew, or small cracks that may be a problem. Check smaller spaces for damage, rodents, or potential problems.

This means keeping the snow and mess away from the foundation throughout the winter. Keep an eye on drifts that may form or large chunks of ice and snow falling off the roof.

Plumbing Check

It is quite common for pipes to burst in the winter. This can cause a lot of damage, not just to the foundation, but the entire home. Have them all inspected before it gets too cold. This goes for the entire HVAC system.

Wrap the pipes that may be prone to freezing and bursting. Always know how to turn off the main water supply. Check the tap outside is shut off and won’t get accidentally turned on.

Seal Drafts

Make sure you find and seal off any drafts getting in. If air can get in, so can moisture. Check around all the windows, doors, and anything else that goes to the outside, like a fireplace exhaust.

This includes your crawl space. There can be leaks, animals, or damage under there. Standing water can freeze and make a real mess later on when it thaws. It will keep animals out, as well.

Call The Professionals

Consider calling Olson Foundation Repair for your foundation needs this winter. Get an inspection, get repairs, and ask about getting your basement waterproofed. That will keep your foundation from getting damaged through the winter and year-round.

You can count on our team to handle any project you may have. With over three decades of experience serving the Kansas City Metro area. Our goal is to make the right repairs with minimal disruption to your home, family, and life.