How Long Does Foundation Repair Take?

How Long Does Foundation Repair Take?

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Many of our customers want to know how long we take to perform various foundation repair tasks. The answer, of course, depends on the project type, but also how much damage we’ll need to address. Check out this quick guide to gain a better perspective on what impacts the duration of a foundation project.

Foundation Repair Duration Basics

A project timeframe may vary a lot because there are several factors to consider.

Does your home already have water intrusion? How big have the cracks gotten? Is there a lot of settling? With the drought we’ve experienced this past year, there’s a lot of settling beneath residential homes, and that’s not always a quick fix.

Foundation repair can take anywhere from half a day to two weeks to complete. We’re usually not on a project any longer than that. It just depends on what we need to accomplish to restore the integrity and safety of your home foundation.

Sometimes You Have to Approach it in Phases

You can also look at foundation work in phases. Sometimes when there’s a minor crack, we can address it with a quick sealant, monitor it for a while, and determine if more work must be done later. This is a common strategy because many Kansas City homes have foundation cracks (of varying degrees of severity) thanks to this region’s clay soil.

The ground is breathing at all times, which affects the foundation and support walls. If circumstances deteriorate, we may have to return for structural repairs after three months or so.

What tasks tend to take the longest?

Simpler jobs, like filling a few cracks with epoxy, only takes half a day, whereas installing I-beams might take longer, especially since it requires both interior and exterior effort.

Weather can play a role in project efficiency as well. Snow or rain can delay jobs sometimes. However, we have a solid track record of staying focused on a job until it’s done so that customers can return to their normal lives as soon as possible.

Cost Considerations for Repairing a Home Foundation

Then, the other question we often receive is “how much does it cost to repair my foundation?” Very often, the bigger tasks like waterproofing and pier installation can cost a few thousand dollars, but there are some projects that may only cost $500. Here are a few factors that influence expenses.

  • The home constructors built your house on poorly packed soil, requiring more excavation or grading to fully address problems.
  • You’ve already had collapsed walls that will need replacing, in addition to all the other foundation problems.
  • There’s termite damage in various areas, which leads to even more replacement work.
  • Nearby tree roots interfere with your foundation structures.
  • You have an older home with no concrete slab to help maintain stability.

As always, however, Olson Foundation Repair wants to pursue the fastest and most cost-effective solution whenever you discover a foundation problem around your home.

Call Olson Foundation Repair Anytime for Fast and Reliable Results

We’re the area’s top contractor for addressing the most serious foundation problems. This includes serious calamities like basement water, horizontal/vertical cracks, crawl space issues, seepage, collapsed/bowing walls, and more. Given the serious nature of this work, you can’t afford to rely on any handyman or novice company to do the job.

Our business has been around since the 1980s, meaning our repair technicians possess years of experience. Whether it’s soil shifting, sinking, settling, or anything else, we’ve already seen it elsewhere, and know how to implement permanent solutions. Yes, that even includes dealing with that persistent water intrusion that seems to get worse all the time.

So, contact us soon if your Kansas City home requires professional foundation repair.

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