How Long Can I Delay Foundation Repair?

How Long Can I Delay Foundation Repair?

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How long can a homeowner delay foundation repair before it gets way out of hand?

To answer this question, we’d have to know the nature of the foundation problem, the condition of your home, and a few other factors. It’s easier to delay cosmetic issues like small cracks than it is bowing walls. This post should give you an idea of how much leeway you have over fixing certain issues.

Some Foundation Problems Are More Severe Than Others

It all depends on the severity of the foundation damage you’re facing. Sometimes you can get away with waiting a little while until the seasons change and present different obstacles. For example, whenever we endure dryer seasons, our company has to help folks suffering from settlement beneath their homes.

Then, once the rainy season arrives, there are several other complications, which may prompt you to take action. That’s normally when we have to focus all our attention on weatherproofing strategies. If you’re proactive about it, then there are ways to prevent foundation problems, and therefore delay the need for major repairs.

You can minimize water issues with practical solutions like soil grading. This involves making sure the soil around your house slants away from the home rather directly towards the foundation.

Consequences of Delaying the More Serious Foundation Troubles

What happens if you discover a serious foundation issue but don’t deal with it?

If you don’t handle a major problem, then you might experience consequences like shifting foundation walls, impingement of utility lines, and pressure on the house’s framework (wood bending). It’s also common to suffer from larger wall cracks that are difficult to repair.

Sometimes when water intrusion becomes severe, you could end up with a basement flood. So, some issues are minor and delayable, whereas others require more immediate attention.

Other Signs of Foundation Damage in Need of Repair

What are some other signs of foundation trouble?

  • Doors Not Closing Properly
  • Sheetrock and Framing Breaking
  • Chimneys Pulling away from the Home
  • Other Settlement Problems

In Kansas City, we endure these trials more than other regions because the soil beneath us shifts around so much. That’s why we often say “the earth is breathing,” which refers to the clay materials contracting and expanding, which could wreak havoc on building foundations.

You’ll notice lots of expansion and soil pressure during the spring when things get warmer. Then again, these difficult foundation complications are more common in certain parts of town. Finally, the age of the home plays a role as well.

What are the Foundation Repair Solutions We Employ Most?

Where problems abound, the Olson team is available with reliable repair solutions. Here’s a quick sample of the ways we remedy those aforementioned troubles.

  • Basement Waterproofing – This includes installing exterior waterproofing membranes for finished basements.
  • Wall Bracing – A more extensive, but reliable way to resolve bowing walls and other interior movement.
  • Interior/Exterior Drain-Tile Installation – This is a terrific way to push all that water entering your home back the other direction through the help of a sump pump.
  • Foundation Piering – We use steel piers and helical piers to reinforce foundation stability after things have gotten severely displaced. While this isn’t a “cheap” solution, it’s also not as expensive as other things you have to do when you wait too long to make repairs.

Call Olson Foundation Repair When You Can’t Delay Any Longer

When you work with us, we don’t force you to do anything or cajole you into our preferred measures. Our approach to repairs always starts with an initial consultation where we meet you, assess the damages, brainstorm solutions, and allow you to either accept or reject them. Most of the time, homeowners realize there’s serious foundation trouble, and trust us to implement a solution.

Contact us anytime to schedule foundation repair services and finally resolve your problems with bowing walls, severe cracks, and leaky basements.

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