How Does Hot, Dry Weather Affect Your Foundation?

How Does Hot, Dry Weather Affect Your Foundation?

Dry Weather Affect Your Foundation

Can dry weather affect your foundation? This is a very important question for homeowners to consider because the stability of the foundation affects the stability of the house overall. Anything involving your home’s stability is likely to be expensive to fix.

With the Kansas City area experiencing hot, dry weather, keeping your foundation’s stability in mind matters. Some of these issues may have effects that extend into wetter, cooler periods. Read on to learn more about how the weather may affect your foundation.

Dry Weather Can Lead to Water Evaporation

Water evaporation is a problem that can harm all foundations, including relatively new concrete products. Rising temperatures lead to water evaporating out of the foundation over time. When the water evaporates, the concrete is more likely to start cracking, leading to water getting in through the cracks.

The damage that comes from water evaporation isn’t always immediately obvious. However, when the humidity eventually rises, and the foundation absorbs more moisture, the moisture might not evaporate as quickly. Some of the possible problems include:

  • Framing damage – Wood will begin to rot from water exposure, causing major damage to floors, windows, door frames, and walls
  • Flooring damage – Some of the floor issues may include sagging, warping, buckling, cupping, and loose floor tiles, as well as uneven surfaces
  • Foundation deterioration – Once the weather has damaged your foundation, the annual freezing and thawing cycle will contribute to more cracks that increase the chances of more problems
  • Insulation deterioration – Insulation that gets damaged because of foundation issues works less effectively, and if the insulation gets wet, the length of time needed to dry everything out will increase the chances of dry rot fungi and mold
  • Differential settlement – When the dry weather eventually ends, excessive moisture could lead to differential settlement, which may contribute to significant structural damage

One Way Dry Weather Can Affect Your Foundation is by Soil Shrinkage

Dry weather can affect your foundation because the soil dries out the longer the hot weather persists. One of the effects of the soil drying out is shrinkage. The shrinkage will lead to soil compacting, otherwise known as forming voids and spaces.

One of the effects of having cracks and spaces in your soil is that the foundation will shift and sink because it no longer has proper support. One of the worst things about settling and shifting is how many other problems can occur.

Some of the problems associated with settling and shifting in a foundation include:

  • Cracks and leaks in your flooring
  • Wall cracks
  • Sticking windows and doors

Dry Weather Contributes to Soil Erosion

One of the most common effects of hot, dry weather on soil is easy to see when the rain eventually falls after one of these periods. The dry conditions make it easier for the rain to penetrate spaces and cracks, which results in the now-loosened dry soil washing away. More voids can form under the foundation, which makes foundation settlement worse.

What Solutions Are Available for Dry Weather Foundation Issues?

As frustrating as foundation issues are, foundation contractors, have the solutions that you need. One of many possible solutions is a technique known as piering. Opting for piering allows the foundation to be lifted and leveled.

Another possible solution for lifting foundations is polymer foam injections. There are enough options to repair any foundation issues that you don’t need to settle for anything providing less ideal results.

Olson Foundation Repair offers solutions for all your foundation needs, including weather-related damage. If you have had to cope with seeing dry weather affect your foundation, contact us to see what solutions are available.